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The Vent: Feb. 10 || National Anthem; Mormon temple; Phillip Seymour Hoffman

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Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 3:45 pm

“What a pleasure it was to witness our National Anthem being sung as it should be sung (during the Super Bowl), and not have to suffer through disrespectful Africanese and Hispanic screaming memee’s crucifying the song. The only black mark during the presentation was the lack of hands over the heart and non-removal of hats and beanies.”

“From what I can see of the folks walking to tour the new Gilbert Mormon Temple after parking blocks away, they are all dressed up in ties, dresses, etc. So it would seem the majority of the people touring the temple are Mormons themselves touring their own temple, probably because they know that after it’s dedicated, they will never live up to the required standards to see the inside of it.”

“Regarding the new Gilbert Mormon Temple — This temple building is very sad. Everyone knows Old Testament temples were used for animal sacrifices, not for what the Mormons do in there. I don’t think the Mormons plan to sacrifice animals in their temples. Perhaps someday the Mormons will wise up and realize that salvation is once and equal for all who believe and trust in Jesus Christ, plus nothing else! (Faith alone, and no temple work). These temples are very sad buildings.”

“I’m sorry I have no interest in the fact that Philip Hoffman died. He was a junky. It was suicide. Not my problem.”

“For you politician hopefuls: When I pull up to a stop and cannot see the traffic coming at me because of a campaign sign, that sign will not be there the next day.”

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