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The Vent - October 8

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Posted: Sunday, October 8, 2006 8:16 am | Updated: 2:44 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Of course, smokers have civil rights. But when their civil rights infringes on the health of nonsmokers, that’s stepping over the line.”

“If smokers weren’t so oblivious or inconsiderate of other people, or didn’t use the world as their ash tray, maybe they wouldn’t be so looked down upon.”

“The state has found the goose that lays the golden egg. It’s called the sales tax on cigarette.”

“To the Venter who complained about the weather (Thursday) and wanted the thermostat turned down. There, I did it. Now leave me alone.”

“Perhaps the people who are against Covance coming to Chandler are really saying they want to have the new drugs tested on themselves in order to save the animals.”

“Power to the people. Please save Air America.”

“Air America has plenty of listeners behind it, or ‘Prickly City’ wouldn’t be doing cartoons on it. What it doesn’t have is big media conglomerate money like the right-wing talk shows do.”

“Is the border fence going to stop the migration of birds? As I recall, birds can fly over fences, can’t they?”

“I wonder if God has a border fence in heaven for you folks.”

“It’s crazy that illegal immigrants get in-state tuition rates when my friend from New Mexico, who is an American, can’t afford to go to community college because they are charging him out-of-state tuition.”

“Where’s all of the people that were going to pick the fruits and vegetables that the Mexicans used to pick? Everything’s rotting in the fields for a lack of help. Once again, the only people who will be able to afford these foods are the very rich.”

“All of the anti-Clinton Venters should understand that they are in the minority. A recent poll indicates that Clinton still has a 65 percent (favorable) rating.”

“I have yet to read one opinion by Steve Carroll where he doesn’t slam Islamism. . .yet at the same time always writes pro-Israel. It seems to me this a man who would love to continue the division between Jews and Islamics and never wants the two to make peace.”

“There won’t be peace on Earth until religious leaders recognize there is more than one God figure and preach tolerance for other beliefs.”

“At his current rate of spending of his own money, I would think candidate (Jim) Pederson has more explaining to do to his wife than to the voters, especially if he loses.”

“Ssshhh. I have it on very good authority. J.D. Hayworth is really a homo sapien and a practicing metro sexual.

“If you plan to vote in favor of the proposed 50 percent pay raise for state legislators believing in this theory that better pay will attract better political candidates, look no further than the U.S. Congress with its 40-plus millionaires.”

“We have enough scary things these days in our life. Why do we have to celebrate Halloween? Please cancel that day.”

“Please explain why Mesa High School says the janitor who admitted to stealing 31 computers and selling them may, may have disciplinary action.”

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