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The Vent: Nov. 14

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Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 7:49 am

“I’m a veteran, and want to thank all the restaurants and diners that opened their doors with free meals for vets. It was great of you. Thank you. We really appreciate your service too.”

“Gee, I have nothing to complain about today, maybe tomorrow?”

“Why are they called early ballots, if they are counted late? Everything our government gets involved in is screwed up!”

“My, such hate and vitriol from Linda Turley-Hansen (Sunday’s guest commentary). Not much compromise or compassion in that rant.”

“Jerry Lewis, how does it feel to have one of the shortest political careers in history? How are you and your buddy Randy Parraz getting along now? Russell Pearce must be feeling much better because of your defeat! Remember the old saying Lewis: What goes around comes around!”

“Well in Arizona we voted not to raise our own taxes but the country voted to raise other people’s taxes.”

“It’s now been over two years since we passed a medical marijuana law. Still no legal means to obtain pot in Arizona. When are the dispensaries going to open? When are the citizens going to say ‘enough!’ to the Tom Hornes and Bill Montgomerys of this state? Give the people what they voted for!”

“Can you imagine how much of the national deficit could have been eliminated with all the funding for the primary and general election campaigns? Of course, if that happened, the federal government would then have to bail out the news media and advertising companies. Shoot, we would be back where we started.”

“It is really funny to hear the republicans whine regarding the Democrats’ lies about Romney casting him in a bad light during the election campaign. It was not lies but the truth that did him in. All Romney needed to do was tell the truth!”

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