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The Vent - August 10

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Posted: Thursday, August 9, 2007 9:45 pm | Updated: 6:15 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"Let’s make a deal. The government will give up their photo radar if drivers will give up their radar detectors.”

“To those people who must have bottled water, how can we get rid of the empties piling up in the garbage dumps?”

“Want to finally put Mesa on the map? Name the airport Mesa Williams Airport. Maybe then people will learn where one of (Arizona’s) largest cities is.”

“Barry Bonds is the home run king, and if you don’t like it, I can tell you where to stick the asterisk and it’s not in the baseball records.”

“I keep reading (in) vents and letters to the editor that people are disappointed that the Democrats are just as bad about earmarks as the Republicans were, and it’s true. But I don’t expect it to happen overnight. The Democrats have been in control for only one round … We’ve all got to starting yelling at our congresspeople to change the system.”

“I hope you guys are happy with your newspaper layout. Even my parrot is squawking about it.”

“Get rid of just one of your crossword puzzles, and you’ll have this gray-haired granny after you with her umbrella.”

“The eight judges that decided terminally patients don’t have a right to unapproved drugs that are potentially lifesaving, should they one day need those unapproved drugs should also be denied them and see how they decide then.”

“To the young people that are going to high school who think they are so mature or grown up, if they were grown up, they wouldn’t have to be told to turn off their electronic toys when they are in school. If they are going to act like children, they are going to make rules to treat them like children.”

“It ain’t no wonder we have overweight kids in this nation. I go to enroll my kid in a Mesa public school, at a junior high, and she can only get one semester of P.E. She can’t get two semesters. That’s insane. It should be mandatory P.E. from kindergarten straight through 12th grade.”

“I tell you why it’s Bush’s problem that all of our bridges and infrastructure (are) falling apart. It’s because he’s spending $500 billion of our hard-earned tax money in Iraq and he’s spending zero here.”

“I know the sagging infrastructure of our highways and bridges is not a fun political issue. But when are our politicians going to address that, because this country has lots of bridges that need refurbishing? It wasn’t in the last transportation bill and I can’t imagine why.”

“How many studies does it take for us to know that the media influences our lives? Stop telling us that sex and violence in film and music have no influence on our kids, but a McDonald’s ad makes our kids salivate.”

“I find it amazing that the same people that are crying and complaining about George Bush’s wiretap stuff (Vent, Tuesday) … are the same people who will sit back and allow our Constitution to go to nothing, to nothing, to nothing when it involves gun control.”

“In Jeff Flake’s case, the courage of his convictions only means he’s useless.”

“On abortion, Mitt Romney has a history of multiple choice.”

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