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The Vent: April 23

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Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:17 pm | Updated: 9:45 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Does anyone else think that ‘Non Sequitur’ is insufferably annoying?”

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“Does anyone else think that ‘Non Sequitur’ is insufferably annoying?”

Have more to say?  Send in your vent

“There is not a recession-proof job like SRP, per the Vent. SRP, like corporate America, “outsources” jobs for lower pay and no benefits, forces early retirement and in general is streamlining.”

“Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and also their health care, but not SRP. Even their retirees retain full health care because SRP just increased their rates on those who are losing everything.”

“Concerning the city of Guadalupe’s protest of Sheriff Arpaio: If I lived in Mexico illegally in some all-gringo conclave, and the police were looking for me and my people, you’d bet I’d do what they are doing: scream racial slurs and phony accusations. So keep on keepin’ on, Joe!”

If it isn’t bad enough to have the illegal-loving mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, now we have Mr. (Richard) Gerald, ‘It might be legal, but it’s not right,’ planning on running for county attorney! What’s next for Phoenix/Maricopa County, the ridiculous (police chief) of Mesa running for sheriff? Give me a break!”

“If Joe Arpaio wants to go into cities as an occupying force when there’s police in place, get the National Guard to stop him.”

“Say Joe Arpaio, are you lucky to be dropped off by the stork on this side of the border in the state of what? (whispers) Arizona.”

“Is there any other sheriff in the whole state of Arizona? I’d be happy to just hear about another one.”

“For the venter who thinks that getting rid of the librarians will send Arizona to the bottom of the school rankings, what do librarians do anyway besides say ‘shush’?”

“If the president of the United States can do illegal wiretaps, why would the county attorney for Arizona think he couldn’t? His party leads from the top down.”

“Wow, Andrew Thomas used wiretaps to stop senseless murders of more innocent people, and no one’s rights were directly violated. And the liberals are all over him. Apparently, public safety is not in their best interest.”

“If the woman in the clean air commercial is so worried about breathing the air, it makes you wonder why she is driving alone and not using public transportation. Makes her part of the problem, yes?”

“The article about the (Air Force) spending $3.7 million on GPS on golf courses should have explained that the money doesn’t come from appropriated money, but money from the profits from the post and base exchanges. … It has nothing to do with taxpayer money.”

“The venter from Kentucky (Tuesday) is confusing geography with time zones. As a native of Ohio, I learned that I lived in the Midwest, along with my fellow Midwesterners from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin — except to a New Yorker, in which case I hailed from the West.”

“I am sorry. It was not North Dakota that China owned. I did more research and found out China actually owns Minnesota. North Dakota is safe.”

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