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The Vent: July 17

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Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 5:06 pm

“Zimmerman found not guilty. Time for inner-city residents across America to start a smash-and-steal binge!”

“Zimmerman verdict in one word: Ridiculous. Now he’s going to think he’s vindicated and do it again. I hope he has a video camera in his other hand to record the essential evidence next time he draws his gun. I don’t know whose voice it was on the recording yelling for help and I don’t care. What I do know is that Trayvon would still be alive if Zimmerman had stopped following the kid like the 911 operator told him to. Zimmerman knew HE was carrying a gun the whole time (so, in essence, he was hunting), and Trayvon brought candy and a soft drink to a gunfight. Do I need to start packin’ heat to defend myself from people like Zimmerman? Oh, wait, I’m a petite white woman, so I need a gun to protect myself from everyone.”

“How ironic that the same groups that danced in the streets when OJ Simpson got off for the killing two whites, is now protesting in the streets that a WHITE Hispanic was not convicted of murdering a black that was beating him.”

“Let me see if I got this correct — Mesa is ranked No. 12 as being America’s most “saintly” city, and it is No. 10 as being America’s most redneck city. Interesting!”

“Looks like the rats are all starting to desert the sinking ship. Now that it is all coming apart, the rats are leaving the Obama Administration (e.g. Hillary Clinton & Janet Napolitano) trying to distance themselves from all the lies and mismanagement fiascos. Run, girls, run!”

“Now that he is an expert on the economy, maybe Obama should nominate Rod Livdahl as the next Fed Chairman, replacing Ben Bernanke. Out of the frying pan into the fire!”

“I am truly convinced that anybody and everybody that works with and goes along and agrees with the Ridiculous Losers of our HOA’s is a Republican! They are really the most thoughtless, heartless, non-understanding, and “don’t really care about the situations of others” group of people in the world! It’s all about the money and their CCR’s! May karma return the favor!”

“Wow, Dr. Lester, I’m going to run out and buy Cheerios after seeing that commercial. Not. Why is it that every commercial now days has to have a black and a white together, even when they look out of place? You won, we have a black president but quit forcing it on us.”

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