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The Vent: May 3

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Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2007 3:31 am | Updated: 7:51 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I finally agree with something this governor of ours has done. She picked a good state quarter.”

“If I can’t have my picture on the new Arizona state quarter, I surely appreciate the governor’s choice of the new coin.”

“I wish it wasn’t solely the governor’s decision about which quarter to choose. She chose the one that’s way too crowded.”

“It figures. The only quarter design I really didn’t like was the one with banner on it, and wouldn’t you know it, for political correct reasons, this politically correct governor chose that coin.”

“A 5-year-old child could have drawn a better looking saguaro cactus than the one shown on the commemorative coin.”

“The quarter is just fine. It’s depicts what Arizona is famous for.”

“I am disappointed in the Tribune for calling one of the new quarter designs a winner (Tuesday) and all of the losers. I call all of the others runners up because none are losers.”

“I seen the signs on TV in that immigration march that said ‘America’s future.’ Well, if that’s America’s future, America is in trouble. Do you want your America to be like Mexico?”

“Think about it. If war ever broke out between the United States and Mexico, which side would the illegals be fighting for?”

“Why can’t we the American people vote on if we want illegals to be given amnesty? Why do we have to let a few congressmen, senators and corporations decide?”

“Immigration hardliners are just like the wealthy who say, ‘I made mine and to the heck with the rest of you people.’ ”

“To all of the people that voted (Gov.) Napolitano back in, are you happy now? She is making things nice for the illegals who are deliberately breaking the law. But don’t let an American break the law!”

“I just absolutely give up. You can blame the rain on me. It’s my fault. I washed my car on Friday. It rained on Saturday. I washed it (Monday) and now it’s raining. Will the monsoons come early?”

“May 1 (was) the fourth anniversary since ‘mission accomplished.’ At that time, only 139 GIs were killed. (On Tuesday) the count is 3,351. Are we winning the war in Iraq? The brain dead will say ‘yes, we are’.”

“What kind of nation are we becoming? We send our troops, young men and women, out on the battlefield and then we intentionally put forth a bill that we know the president of the United States will veto and there will be no funds to fund our young people in battle. The Democratic Party is a disgrace, a total disgrace.”

“It seems like we have a new form of segregation here in Arizona. But it’s not separate but equal. It seems as if smokers are segregated, but they’re not equal because they don’t have their own places where they can go smoke and relax and have a drink, do they?”

“If you have a bad cold, a crying baby, or an autistic child, out of respect for others, you should sit in the back of the auditorium.”

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