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The Vent - July 29

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Posted: Saturday, July 29, 2006 7:12 am | Updated: 2:40 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Steve Gallardo, what exactly is an ‘extreme Republican?’ (Opinion 2, Thursday) One that respects the laws of this country? I guess all law enforcement is extreme.”

“Where I come from in the Midwest, teachers used to go on strike a lot. I think here students should go on strike in protest of the first day of school which comes earlier and earlier every year.”

“Exxon profits are up again. It’s a beautiful thing. As a stockholder, it’s marvelous.”

“To Mike Johnson, the treasure hunter. Let’s hope you’re not getting disability for those bad knees that keep you out of work, but not out of that strenuous climb into the Superstition Mountains.”

“To all of the treasurer hunters in the Superstition Mountains: The government has declared it (public) property. So even if they find the gold, they cannot lay claim to it.”

“I spent over 27 years driving emergency vehicles — fire trucks, fire cars and ambulances. We were always instructed . . . with red lights and sirens, we could exceed the posted limit by not more 10 mph. Of course, we were firefighters, not police officers.”

“To the Venter who claimed Israel . . . is attacking Hezbollah who is hiding among Lebanese citizens, sure, I believe that just like I believe the terrorist who set off a bomb in an Israeli cafe claiming that he was intending to kill and injury only Israeli soldiers sitting among the civilians.”

“The killing of innocent people and destruction in Lebanon would never happen if the Hezbollah terrorists were not such cowards, would wear uniforms and would quit hiding behind women and children in their fight against Israel.”

“Bomb Lebanon, bomb Israel, who cares? As long as Halliburton gets all of the reconstruction contracts.”

“I was a proud Korean war veteran and was happy to fight for my country. Today, everybody should be intelligent enough, there shouldn’t be war and killing. They should be able to talk their way out.”

“I don’t care what Andrea Yates was suffering from. She murdered her five children and you can bet that she won’t be where they are when the time comes for her to go see her maker.”

“I’m glad Andrea Yates got the right verdict this time. Of course she was insane at the time. Who wouldn’t be after having five children in six years?”

“Why don’t they rename the National Guard to the International Guard? It seems like they are always going to other countries instead of staying here in the United States.”

“People who carry guns that don’t wear uniforms are called civilians and Arizona is a right-to-carry-an-arm state. If you don’t like that, then get out.”

“Right at the time it happened, some of us thought the Floyd Landis story was too good to be true. Guess what? It was.”

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