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The Vent: November 18

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Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2007 2:42 am | Updated: 6:02 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“On the permanent voting list detailed information I received today, it lists a probable election date as the 'ninth Tuesday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.’ Guess I won’t vote in that election because I sure can’t figure out when it will be held.”

“Congratulations, Bob Melvin, for being voted the National League baseball manager of the year. Not to take all of the credit, you thanked the players and the coaches. However, you left out some important people, your fans that support the D-Bs. Without them, you don’t have a job.”

“More laws needed to protect doctors? Not necessary, when all the board has to say is they followed standard procedure. Even when one doesn’t know a curved from a straight line, an esophagus from a vein, and poke a hole in it. It’s a no-fault joke on patients.”

“Using DDT is like using a hand grenade to stop a boxing match.”

“I don’t think Sen. McCain could have had much to say when that lady asked that question about Sen. Clinton that we’ve seen on the news. He was upset, but he didn’t know what to say.”

“In her most challenging trial ever, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor displays extraordinary sensitivity to her husband of 50-plus years, who is ravaged by Alheimzer’s.”

“It stretches the imagination why a pharmacist will help the guys to have E.D. recreation, but won’t help the gals prevent an unintended little creation.”

“For the moron in the Nov. 12 Vent that has the concealed carry (weapon) permit, you must have been sleeping in class when you got your permit. Nowhere does it imply or condone you arming yourself to recover or protect property.”

“I bought my trailer with 5 acres in ’91 for $40,000. It is now worth a half-million dollars. I sure like being trailer trash.”

“Marie Osmond must have a lot of celebrity friends that are voting for her. Otherwise, she would not still be on 'Dancing with the Stars.’ ”

“O.J. supporters, the talking heads on TV, are saying the two defendants who have turned against O.J. shouldn’t be believed because of their questionable pasts. Question this, would you plead guilty to a lesser charge if you knew it wasn’t true?”

“A couple of days ago, I saw a student driver with an instructor in the right seat, driving in the left lane of the (Loop) 202 when many other cars passed on the right. No wonder there are so many bad drivers in this state.”

“In regards to the lady who was disgusted by a cop speeding through a school zone, don’t you know once they put on that uniform, they think that they are above all rules and regulations? I’ve rarely seen any police officers obey the rules of the road.”

“Another glitzy casino going up in Las Vegas to the tune of $8 billion. Think of all of the food and medicine that would buy for people of Third World countries who are dying of starvation.”


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