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The Vent: Aug. 3

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Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 5:06 am

“If they give the kids recess they have to keep the schools open 5 days longer and the anti-tax crowd just won’t pay for that. ”

“Soviet communism couldn’t do it, fanatics of al Qaeda can’t do it, but the American dream will finally be done in by the tea party!”

“I too was rejected for membership in the tea party. So I bought a run down pick-up truck with a gun rack and a N.R.A. sticker on the back bumper. I also removed my partial dental bridge so I had no front teeth. I reapplied and was accepted.”

“In response to the Venter that was refused membership in the tea party because he didn’t own a gun and was a college graduate: It’s news to me.  As a regular attendee of the tea party meetings, there is no membership. I’ve never heard anyone tell me I had to own a gun, and I take a college graduate along with me to most of the meetings. The meeting is open to everyone.  The only person I saw get mad and leave was told at his first meeting he could not video tape the meeting.  He had a group of new people with him who stood up to protest our speaker from the Goldwater Institute.”

“Just think, if we had the parliamentary system of government here, the bums would have been thrown out in short order, and with new leaders by now, we’d be progressing instead of ‘dead in the water’ and sinking.”

“Kudos to John McCain for criticizing the radical agenda of the tea party.”

“August 3rd, 2011, one day after America slides into default, President Obama will celebrate his 50th birthday with a $35,800.00 per couple fundraiser at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Does that tell you something about Democrat priorites? How many millions of jobless Americans would love to have a job that pays $35,800.00 a year?”

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