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The Vent: March 27

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Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 2:03 am | Updated: 11:26 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"All Americans want is entertainment. So we have a crisis in memory, intelligence, conversation and knowledge. We thus have the ignorant American voter (in whose hands is) my life and the lives of my family and grandchildren."

"What's the big deal with all the air time on television and radio and space in all the newspapers about Nancy Reagan endorsing John McCain? I mean ... who's she going to endorse? Obama? She's a Republican. McCain's the only Republican running for president! ... My God, use the space for something worthwhile."

"Why don't we stay the course of not having John McCain as president?"

"Before Hillary misspoke, she must have misremembered."

"Obama listened to his pastor for 20 years. He can give a great speech, but he doesn't have any answers."

"Obama runs on hope. Clinton runs on action."

"Hillary wants to provide health care for everybody? Did anyone look at her stats in New York? They can't afford it! Thirty-three percent are on Medicaid! She wants to talk about the national debt? They're $4 billion in debt in New York City! Where's the senator? Where's Hillary?"

"Yay for the Loop 101 cameras! With the $2 million (Scottsdale) can either pay off some debts - oh, silly idea - or fund some of the programs that have been deleted or considered to be deleted. And if you don't like contributing to that, folks, then follow the law. Another silly idea. Try it, you might like it."

"I'll bet the snowbirds driving 35 mph (The Vent, Wednesday) aren't paying the speeding fines bringing in the $2 million on Loop 101. Maybe the snowbirds have the last laugh."

"I must be one of those snowbirds. But you know what? My wife and I, we eat out a lot, get great service, great food, always tip 20 percent. My wife shops a lot. I drive the speed limit, one of the few, and you know what? We really enjoy this place. And we're coming back next year."

"Everybody hates snowbirds, but, to keep these warm summers and cold winters, you're not going to have to worry about it. You know what? We'll go to Brownsville, where the sign says, 'Welcome Texas Snowbirds.' Thank you."

"I'd like to know when you people at this paper are going to stop getting snowbirds mad at the local residents, the local residents mad at the snowbirds? How many snowbirds buy your paper every year? How many layoffs are there when they all go home? How much money is lost when all the papers stop being sold? Use your head."

"The state should require anyone who spends more than 30 days in this state to register their vehicles. That should bring in funds for the state and the cities."

"I am so disgusted with the Tribune editors and reporters. (Officer Tom) Lovejoy ... deserves what he gets. (Sheriff Joe) Arpaio has made this state safe, unlike Phil Gordon in Phoenix. Let Arpaio do his job. Leave him alone and hit the real issues."

"Thank God the courts stand between Joe Arpaio and the people."

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