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The Vent: May 31

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Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2007 1:04 am | Updated: 6:03 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I saw in the paper (Wednesday) that the Venchell’s donut shop is going down. Looks like the city of Mesa has bullied this poor guy until he’s given up, I suppose.”

“I think that Tempe should hire an engineer from Holland; give him $5,000 and have him tell (it) how to build a dam (for Town Lake).”

“I think they should just take the dams down and drain the Tempe town cesspool. The water there is just disgusting.”

“I was appalled to read about Clara Agresti’s lawsuit against the good Samaritans that came to her distress (Tribune, Friday). This type of behavior sends shock waves through those of us that carry toe straps, jumper cables and fire extinguishers to aid the people who may need our help.”

“I’ve tried to buy property in the county islands of Gilbert. But they will not sell to me. Nor will they annex into what is becoming the great city of Gilbert ... They just want their bread buttered for free.”

“Somebody is releasing their pigeons in the Gilbert Road/East Eighth Avenue area. I’ll tell you right now. If you are losing a pigeon a day, they are in my yard, dead by a cat that’s roaming and killing them. I’m sick and tired of picking up dead pigeons!”

“If only Mesa had a property tax. Think of all of the millions in tax dollars Mesa politicians could give to corporations to move to Mesa so they can sell their products to Mesa consumers.”

“As usual, Mesa leaders are 50 years behind the times in saving the HoHoKam area. Every building and home in the area are on historical grounds.”

“Mesa fire administration wants to spend $10 million on new office buildings. I wonder how many firefighters and fire trucks that would put on the street.”

“It’s the time for the City Council to pay attention to what illegal immigration is costing the city in social services. The ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ attitude has to stop.”

“Any member of Scottsdale’s City Council that (voted) to take the widening of Chaparral Road off the table before the complete traffic study is received is nothing but a political hack who can be bought for 1,320 votes.”

“Kudos to (council member) Ron McCullagh for being the lone standout against the Scottsdale council caving to the small minority on Chaparral Road. What happened to for the good of the most people instead of the minority few there?”

“You can thank the former Mayor (Herb) Drinkwater for the mess on Chaparral Road. (Loop) 101 should never had an exit at Chaparral, never.”

“Please give it up with Drinkwater. The man wasn’t God. He did good things when he was here and he has been gone for a long time. Give it up!”

“Senate Bill 1164 and its amendment by Sen. Linda Gray is intended to and would negate the vote of Scottsdale residents last Nov. 6. If Sen. Gray wishes to be the special spokesperson for raising funds for school districts, she should either be recalled or resign her position, and become a lobbyist for those school districts.”

“To the venter (Thursday) who thinks Scottsdale Healthcare should move away so the post office can stay, the next time you have a medical emergency, be sure to go to the post office. I’m sure they will be able to help you.”

“So, what makes Mrs. (Marg) Nelssen any different than anybody else in Scottsdale? She’s just as mad and has just as much right to express herself as any other citizen. You go for it, Mrs. Nelssen.”

“I say Tony Nelssen’s wife, Marg, for our next mayor in Scottsdale.”

“The Indian tribe thinks they gave too much (land) to put in the (Loop) 101? The whole idea of widening Pima Road is to support economic development on their reservation. If they don’t want to do it, then they can reap the consequences.”

“A Chinese drug official was sentenced to death for taking bribes to approve untested medicines. What a great idea! Let’s apply that to the Food and Drug Administration in this country. Maybe then we would be safe.”

“To the venter (Monday) who has a neighbor who has a CB radio with a signal that is so strong that it drowns out her TV, phone and Internet ... report (the neighbor) to the authorities and they will shut him down.”

“Call the FCC, they’ll take care of your CB neighbor. They took care of the radio neighbor next to me.”

“So Linda Turley-Hansen says if we leave Iraq, it will be in charge of the most corrupt elected leadership in history (Opinion 2, Sunday). Linda, those are our puppets. We had them put in there.”

“I had to smile at the heading in the article about the dangers of summer heat (Tribune, Sunday). It said for some reason it is getting hotter. What do you expect, when everything is paved over and built on?”

“So Elisabeth Hasselbeck exposes Rosie O’Donnell for what she really is, and Rosie runs and hides.”

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