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The Vent: November 28

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Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 9:43 pm | Updated: 5:42 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“To the person who does not want children who are not vaccinated to attend public schools (Vent, Saturday), I would ask if your children are vaccinated, how are they put at risk? Do you not believe that the vaccines really work?

“There are other reasons for not vaccinating children besides religious reasons. There are health reasons  …  because there are some children who are susceptible to neurological problems from vaccinations.”

“I read in Friday’s paper that Dale Fushek was back before a congregation again after three years because of an alleged sex event. It sounds as if the attendees at the praise-and-worship center were there to praise and worship Dale Fushek, not Jesus Christ.”

“I wonder if that woman was trembling with tears of joy for that priest has any school age children or grandchildren she would like to send hot-tubbing with him.”

“All military service is not equal. I couldn’t believe the idiotic put-down of John McCain’s service (Vent, Friday). Is it possible this clown thought the Hanoi Hilton was a five-star hotel run by Paris’ clan?”

“All veterans should know John McCain doesn’t have to take a back seat to anyone in his service to country. If anything, he’s just too decent and heroic for some shallow twerps.”

“To the venter who thinks it’s Democrats’ fault that the borders are not sealed, the Democratic Congress has only been in power for a few months. (President) Bush has been in there for seven years. After we get a Democratic president in there, they’ll stop vetoing everything the Congress wants to do.”

“No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush. No borders Bush …

“Why don’t cities use aluminum wire instead of copper wire? It would be cheaper and the thieves couldn’t steal it.”

“Once again, your annual article on school tax credits failed to mention that donations can be designated for specific students. Is your reporter uninformed, or is the Tribune trying to discourage taxpayers from choosing this option?”

“Once again, I heard someone refer to the 9-1-1 telephone number as 9/11. It’s important for people not to start doing that. The reason we need to say 9-1-1 is so that when children are making that call, they don’t look for an '11’ on the keypad of the telephone.”

“The IOC stripped Marion Jones of all of her medals and (told her) to pay back several hundred thousand dollars for drug enhancement. Let’s hope that baseball and the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, have the guts to do the same thing if Barry Bonds is found guilty.”

“Why is it that the beneficiaries of meals at homeless shelters don’t also volunteer their services to show their appreciation? They just seem to eat and leave.”

“We need barking dogs. They keep criminals away. The more dogs barking around, the better.”

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