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The Vent: Nov. 14

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Posted: Monday, November 14, 2011 4:49 am

“We had proof positive that Bill Clinton harassed and abused women. We also knew he was a draft dodger. We elected him anyway. If he had been a Republican, he would never have even got the nomination.”

“The gaggle of women accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment are missing a golden opportunity. Don’t they know that they would get much more press and attention if they accused Justin Bieber of a paternity suit?”

“Regardless of Herman Cain’s guilt or innocence, it’s amazing what some people will say and do when they are threatened by a black conservative. The only way to put a stop to these sorts of injustices is to get the accuser(s) and the accused in the same room at the same time and have them all take a lie detector test. And yes, I know the test isn’t 100 percent infallible but it’s close enough and it would put an end to these made-up lies from ever even getting started in the first place. Like the one venter said, ‘if you repeat a lie often enough people start believing it so the need is to prevent them from ever having a chance to start.”

“To the Herman Cain apologizers: If he denies the truth long enough and loud enough, does that make the allegations any less truthful?”

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