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The Vent: November 23

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Posted: Friday, November 23, 2007 7:55 pm | Updated: 8:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“This 2008 presidential election just blows me away. I talk to somebody who’s Mormon and they are voting for Mitt Romney just because he’s a Mormon. I talk to somebody else, they’re voting for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman … This is a presidential race, not a popularity contest, people. Get a clue, do your investigation and vote the right away.”

“John McCain, thank you for serving in the military. So did I, my father and my brother, and his son in Vietnam. While you were detained at the (Hanoi) Hilton, he was wounded three times, lost his tank and crew, and died of complications from Agent Orange at age 47. So stop your sobbing, John.”

“Hey, John (McCain), it’s over. Get back to work and enjoy your last two years as the senator from Arizona.”

“This is for everybody in Arizona paying federal taxes. Why are we paying taxes? We do not have a senator in Washington who represents us. We have no pork money coming here like the other states, like the bridges in Alaska. They will not do anything effective on immigration. We have take care all of their problems.”

“I was just wondering, as far as cabs go, I consider that to be public transportation. I just wanted to know why they allow smoking still in cabs.”

“You know what I really miss? A pool hall, where I can sit and shoot pool, drink beer and have a cigarette or a cigar, and listen to some music, without you people bugging me.”

“It makes my blood boil when I read that we, the general public, are supposed to tip to make up for the less-than-liveable wages business owners pay. Tips are a thank you for good service, not help to stingy business owners.”

“My car had a flat tire. So I called the emergency insurance number, and I reached a person in India. When the guy came to fix it, he was from Yugoslavia. My, my.”

“I live on McNair Street and I keep getting mail for Kelton Street. What are we doing? Are we hiring a bunch of people to deliver the mail who can’t read?”

“Forty two cars passed me this morning on the (Loop) 202, 29 of them were single occupancy in the HOV lane. That’s a few thousands of dollars of revenue we could get if we had cameras or people out there picking up these schmucks.”

“Thank you for subsidies, snow birds. Most snow birds are here four to six months, but pay for garbage and rubbish removal for all 12 months. Thanks for the gift.”

“I never joined the women’s lib movement because I could never afford to burn my bra.”

“To the knucklehead who says photo radar is nothing but greed … The photo radar lets the cops do other things, like go after rapists and burglars and other people instead of sitting around waiting for a car to speed by.”

“The purpose of the photo radar is to save lives and to make some money. Why not? If you don’t want to give them any of your money, start obeying the law.”

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