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The Vent: June 27 || Employment; Immigration; Economics

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Posted: Friday, June 27, 2014 3:30 am

“The answer to the problem about all the illegal alien kids that were dropped off at the Phoenix bus stop is simple, the president invited them here so put them back on a bus and drop them all off in front of the White House. Problem solved!”

“My boss says we have another round of layoffs coming. He is having each of us employees fill out a form, listing whatever minority or downtrodden group we feel part of, to minimize potential lawsuits. I am lily white. What minority protection can I claim?”

“Any leftist will tell you that America is the most corrupt country on earth and that capitalism is the most corrupt financial system on earth. Therefore, wouldn’t the most compassionate course of action in regard to the hordes of refugees flocking to the southern border be to turn them away for their own good?”

“Why do some lawyers advertise so much on TV? Because they have to. They get no repeat business and no referral business because they are bad lawyers.”

“Why is it ‘voluntary’ for pilots to fly quietly here? Why don’t we incorporate ‘quiet technology’ like Europe does. There is no need for a pilot to use extreme acceleration merely to hear the roar of his/her plane. Thank you to the pilots who are considerate of others.”

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