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The Vent - November 28

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Posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 5:32 am | Updated: 3:03 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Lisa Love, ASU vice president of athletics, redeemed her earlier costly fumble, which was the extension of football coach Dirk Koetter’s contract, by calling an audible and sacking him.”

“Lisa Love made a $2.85 million mistake. She says she has a plan to pay it. I hope that plan includes payroll deduction.”

“How many people can make a $3 million mistake, as Lisa Love did with Koetter’s contract extension, and still keep their job?”

“How long are Americans going to allow this current administration to bankrupt us?”

“I’m reading here where the Democrats are going to cut (Medicare managed care). I wonder what’s going to happen to seniors like myself that can’t afford to buy medicine. I guess we’re just going to have to die.”

“Where is it written that nobody can insult a minority? Don’t people realize that we are all a minority of some kind or another. I’ve never heard people being particularly sensitive to me as a white man.”

“To the venter who said he rather not listen to Christmas music for seven weeks... Is someone holding a gun to your head? Are your hands gone? If not, change the station.”

“If bicyclists want to ride on the same streets as motorized vehicles, then they need to obey the same traffic laws. Too often, they don’t.”

“A bicycle is not a vehicle, 90 percent are used for sport. If they want to be treated as a vehicle, then they should be licensed.”

“Why don’t (bicyclists) petition the Legislature to put more bike paths away from the traffic?”

“Whether it’s renaming Squaw Peak, vetoing agreed bills with the Legislature, or giving favors to political partners, Janet Napolitano does not understand that the end does not justify the means.”

“Don’t ever taunt a terrorist. You’re getting as bad as President Bush when he said, ‘bring it on.’ Now leave the terrorists alone.”

“To the venter who says sleazy Willie ran off to England during the Vietnam War. He went there as a Rhodes scholar … It’s a great honor. Did they expect him to turn that down in order to serve in Vietnam?”

“It’s time that the Republicans stop criticizing Clinton. The Bushes just love him. Clinton spends more time with the elder Bushes than W. does, and W. speaks of Clinton as a brother.”

“This for the person that stole my cell phone. Shame on you. Not only is it the time to be giving, but you choose to receive the phone of someone who won’t be able to afford another one, and that’s my lifeline to my ailing mother.”

“I have never, ever re-gifted a Christmas present. Mainly because if I ever get a Christmas present, I am so surprised and thankful that I would never give it away.”


“If everything we buy now a days comes from a communist country, why can’t I get a Cuban cigar?”

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