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The Vent: Nov. 21

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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 7:41 am

“The people who call Thanksgiving Day ‘Turkey Day’ must not have anything to be thankful for.”

“Headline ‘Traffic in Chandler increases in 2012’. The article said the police can’t explain it. I can. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting behind a guy that stopped for the red light then decided he could beat cross traffic off the line. He went against the red in front a Chandler officer sitting first in line. Did the officer stop him? Of course not.”

“I’ll bet this is the first time Mitt has been thrown under a public bus, but he could pull himself out by bringing a first generation Bain Twinkie packaged in Cambodia, just to prove he’s still in touch.”

“Why is it that the first thing that the landscapers do when they go to a house is pull out the blowers and blow all the dust into the air. They should try using a rake and a broom. All this dust that is blown into the air isn’t healthy for anyone. There should be a law against the blow and go landscapers.”

“Can someone tell me with so many people getting food stamps, why do we need food banks?”

“The Venter who will get a big thrill out of Rush Limbaugh paying more taxes after the first of the year is proof that the Left is all about tearing everyone down to their level instead of the Right’s way of trying to raise everyone up. Oh well, I guess there is no hope for the Left anyway! I pity them!”

“To the writer who believes President Obama is dividing the country: He did win a clear majority all across this great nation of ours. In the past most of our citizens respected the office and united behind the winner rather than vowing vengeance. Bottom line: It is you who is dividing the country.”

“I don’t remember the Left attacking John Kerry eight years ago for his wealth, and he’s as least as wealthy, if not more wealthy, than Mitt Romney.”

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