The Vent: Aug. 31 -- Syria; Arpaio; illegal immmigration - East Valley Tribune: The Vent

The Vent: Aug. 31 -- Syria; Arpaio; illegal immmigration

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Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 5:27 pm

“I’m all for saving lives. How many lives will be lost in Syria if we do nothing, and how many lives will be lost if pre-existing conditions and insurance caps come back? We must be sure our cruise missiles are pointed in the right direction. A chemical weapon death is sure an swift, while a pre-existing condition death is slow and agonizing.”

“I would be glad to keep a news camera on Joe Arpaio all the time. As the only political figure we have that actually is doing his job, and actually following the nation’s laws, I would love to have him always there to show my children an actual example of integrity to emulate.”

“The Democrats are demanding more jobs for the poor young uneducated black men and at the same time want to legalize 11-plus million illegals that have taken or will take these jobs. There aren’t enough of these jobs to go around. I am thinking the Democrats will vote to legalize the illegals and keep the poor young black down in the ghetto and on welfare. The Democrats get more votes that way plus it keeps the victimization business going.”

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