The Vent: Aug. 15 -- 'Grocery groper'; immigration; minimum wage - East Valley Tribune: The Vent

The Vent: Aug. 15 -- 'Grocery groper'; immigration; minimum wage

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Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 1:37 pm

“Had the Tempe ‘grocery groper’ not been nabbed, I was going to suggest the police go trolling with one of the Kardashian clan, who are well known for their abundant posteriors.”

“So, President Obama says that he is not willing to fight to defend our traditional, long-time ally, Israel. However, he said on CBS News that he is willing to fight the Russians to defend International Gay Rights. This is frightening.”

“So now they have made a stem-cell hamburger that costs $300,000. Can’t wait for Sen. McCain to propose that Halliburton provide this to our troops on a cost-plus no-bid contract.”

“Ambassadors running like cowards. I would get the heck out of Dodge because my elected officials want to shut down the government, leaving me to die on the vine, becoming a flag-draped center piece for the next election slash scandal. Politicians who cried the loudest over Benghazi never showed for funerals.”

“I have to agree with house Republicans on immigration. Illegals should not gain an advantage by illegally crossing the border. House Republicans don’t gain an advantage by crossing borders around their districts; they gain advantage by changing the borders. When crossing into this country the first thing illegals should learn is honesty is not a virtue, but hypocritical slyness is.”

“In 1965, I was hired as a secretary for $5.00 an hour (which was good then). In 2013, I was hired as a secretary/receptionist for $8.00 an hour and have more experience and qualifications than I did in 1965. How is that even remotely OK? The cost of everything has increased tremendously over the years, but wages (and particularly office worker wages) have not increased. How is a person supposed to survive making $8.00 an hour?”

“When Channel 5 reports a shortage of skilled construction workers, they are only reporting their advertisers’ opinions, not that of the people who are looking for work in the industry. I have worked construction for over 10 years. I have been a carpenter, a concrete finisher, and an electrician. I know dozens of people like me in the industry, looking for a decent job. We can find work, but only at minimum wage, because companies have for so long been used to paying minimum wage (or less) for illegal workers that they are now not willing to pay a fair wage for the work. Instead, they holler that there is a ‘shortage,’ but the only shortage is of people willing to work for substandard wages. If you want a fair days work, offer a fair days pay.”

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