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The Vent: Nov. 24

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Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 1:45 am

“Interesting how the politicians can put up signs all over the valley and deface the whole valley. Why is it no one else can put up signs like that? 

Discrimination at its finest. Now take them down you double-eyed donkeys.”

“Kudos to the upper echelon of the TSA for not giving in on the updated flyer inspection process. The “mamby-pamby” fliers are too self important to recall that we’re still at war. A colostomy bag or prosthetic breast would be a perfect place to conceal C-4 or some other explosive that would take apart a plane at 40 thousand feet. Feeling lucky today, are we?”

“Some local churches are sending 500,000 free meals to 3rd World countries while there are more that 50,000 Arizona households where meals are missed or there is very little to eat. In America more than 5 percent of all households have very low if any food security (nutritious meals). Even the Good Book (1 Timothy 5:8) says that ‘Charity begins at home.’ ”

“The venter that defends the barking dogs must be my next door neighbor.  The dream home that my wife and I bought 4 years ago has been a nightmare. Your dogs bark incessantly.  The non-stop noise from those dogs is forcing us to move.  Police do not help, the HOA does not help, and would-be criminals know only not to bother you. It’s just background noise to them.  How rude and inconsiderate you are!”

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