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The Vent: April 3

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Posted: Sunday, April 3, 2011 4:00 am

“It is hilarious that the Dems will try to blame the tea party if there is a government shutdown. If the Dems had done their job last year when this budget was due, we would not even be discussing a possible shutdown. But, they are cowards with no integrity.”

“Obama Doctrine: We’ll Bomb Anywhere Our Interests And Values Are Threatened.”

“I think that I know where the mysterious missing birth certificate of President Obama is. Has anyone thought to look in Donald Trump’s hair?”

“For months we’ve had people marching in the streets protesting cuts to services the state can’t afford. Now, there is a flat tax proposal that will raise taxes for 90 percent of Arizonans and the same protesters are crying foul! Let’s raise taxes, we need the money!”

“Let me get this straight — the legislature keeps cutting educating, sells off state buildings, and is now asking school children to each bring in 100 pennies to re-cover the capitol dome in Copper? Outrageous!”

“I wish the Tribune would hire a real human being to do commentaries, instead of the idiot Jon Beydler. Honestly, I would not vote for a Demon-rat if you held a gun to my head!”

“In response to the Venter who queried Canadians’ conduct the minute they cross the American border: As a former Canada resident, Canadians are frugal (cheap in other words). It’s been said, they come here with a brand new pair of bib overalls and $5 bill and don’t change either one while they’re here. Yup, that’s my relatives.”

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