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The Vent - April 14

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Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2007 3:21 am

“To the uninformed Chandler venter, there will never be any 747s or any other aircraft larger than is presently using the Chandler airport because of a short extension to the Chandler runway.”

“Tempe PD hiring 911 operators? Thank goodness, it’s about time. Have you ever called Tempe PD and been on hold? It happens every day.”

“Three or four park rangers for the 60-plus Mesa parks is like Christmas morning for copper thieves.”

“A year ago, my wife and I bought a home near Gantzel and Bella Vista Road. My naming address is Queen Creek, Ariz. We shop in Queen Creek. My library’s in Queen Creek. My Home Depot is in Queen Creek. My driver’s license says Queen Creek. As far I’m concerned, I live in Queen Creek, Ariz.”

“Pay hikes for Mesa employees again? Where’s the poverty, Mesa?”

“How many Mesa citizens have gotten cost-of-living adjustments and pay raises in the past 10 years? The city is being unrealistic about giving (employees) these raises when all of its citizens don’t get them.”

“City of Mesa employees aren’t quitting because of low pay. They are jumping ship because of lack of leadership and poor management from the mayor to the chief of police.”

“Mesa must have hired the wrong team to survey (employee) wages. Gilbert did that and only the top officials got more money and all of the rest only get reclassifications so they didn’t have to get more money.”

“Why would the Nuestro neighborhood residents (in Mesa) think that our city government would put the screws to them? Isn’t this something we have come to expect from our city leaders?”

“Don Imus just went from being the I-man to the I-was-man.”

“Imus must be short for ‘I must be stupid.’”

“Watch MSNBC rehire Don Imus after some time passes. It’s the American way.”

“Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the very backbone of your existence is racism. Without it, you wouldn’t exist.”

“Humor that denigrates others is, in fact, not humorous at all but racist and bigoted, even for a so-called shock jock. How about a little less hate spewing from all of us?”

“I am glad that the high rate of poverty, unwedded births and incarceration of the blacks has been solved in the black community. Now they can concentrate on the real problem, that of a shock jock saying rude comments about a women’s basketball team.”

“I think it will be interesting to see how many of the black leaders that jumped over Duke (University), the police, the prosecuting attorney and caused him to rush into judgment against the Duke players, now come out and admit they were wrong, costing the three young men a year of their lives.”

“My husband wants to know how the forever stamp works. He said once you put it on the envelope, it’s gone!”

“If some of the motorcyclists licensed in Arizona don’t have the brains to protect their brains by wearing a helmet, why hasn’t the state required their use? Scrambled brains on the highway isn’t a pretty sight.”

“Everyone who visits downtown (Scottsdale) understands that Upper Deck Sports Grill is a failing enterprise. Its quest for OTB will hasten its demise.”

“Why do I have to clean up my yard when the city of Scottsdale still has a discarded sign for an asthma walk sitting to the entrance of (its) parking garage on Drinkwater (Boulevard)? It’s been there over a month.”

“This is a simple solution to the traffic problem on Chaparral Road from Hayden to Miller. Close the street to through traffic as they did on the road past the Princess hotel in north Scottsdale.”

“Of all of the condemnation situations that Scottsdale has been in, Chaparral widening is probably the one that meets the criteria of public betterment.”

“I, for one, will not vote to override in the November if water rates and taxes are increased in Scottsdale. It’s time to cut taxes, not raise them.”

“I’m all for a Cesar Chavez Day, right after we have a Winfield Scott Day, a Carl Hayden Day and Barry Goldwater Day.”

“If we can honor George Washington on Presidents Day, we can honor Cesar Chavez on Labor Day.”

“Instead of a Cesar Chavez holiday, what about a holiday to celebrate women’s suffrage and the people who made that happen? The lives of all women in America were changed forever by what they accomplished.”

“Nonactive photo radar in Scottsdale was a deterrent until the idiot decision was made to publish a map showing exactly which cameras are no longer in use. Not very smart.”


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