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The Vent - January 16

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Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 5:18 am | Updated: 7:58 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The price of oil has dropped to a 18-month low at $54 a barrel. Why hasn’t this been reflected at the pump so consumers benefit? Congress ought to be looking at things like this that are really important, not some of the things they are consumed with.”

“Why doesn’t the governor tell Phoenix to stagger (business) work hours to relieve congestion and pollution?”

“I guess the Arizona Legislature would prohibit using dead soldiers like George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant for commerce. I seem to recall two of them are on currency bills.”

“A positive activity for all people in politics for the Arizona population would be to have Amtrak trains again stop at the famous Phoenix station.”

“Pizza Patrón’s policy of accepting pesos for their pizza goes against everything the American system is set up for.”

“If American public opinion polls governed our involvement in wars, we’d still be a British colony because more Americans opposed the Revolutionary War and there’d still be slavery because most opposed the American Civil War.”

“The real scary thing about Speaker Nancy Pelosi is she’s only a heartbeat and a half from the Oval Office.”

“Can we all agree that a familiar surname does not assure good leadership? Please, in the next election, no more Bushes, Clintons or Kennedys.”

“It is no wonder other countries view the U.S. with disdain when, on top of everything else, Howard Stern is getting a $83 million bonus and a $500 million salary for the next five years.”

“Happy anniversary to the greatest show in radio history. Long live Howard Stern. Long live Sirius Radio.”

“(I’d) love to see the cops cracking down on the non-use of turn signals. Problem is, they don’t use them, either.”

“Everybody knows that Bill Clinton was far more interested in scoring with the intern than he was in scoring against al-Qaida. Everybody knows that. Why try to argue the point?”

“Clinton attacks Somalia to draw attention from his fooling around with Monica. Bush attacks Somalia to draw attention from his fouling up Iraq. How many more aspirin factories are left in Somalia?”

“I’ve just received my year-end financial statement. Wow-whee! I’m now in a higher financial bracket. Thank you, President Bush.”

“The Republicans robbed the store. The Democrats want to give it away. Deal or no deal?”

“These so-called immigrants have invaded Arizona and not Washington, D.C. That’s why its Arizona’s problem and not the federal government’s problem.”

“If the mayors down in Texas don’t want the fence built to keep out the illegals, then I’m going to hold them entirely responsible for any illegals that make it up here.”


“Want to prevent building a wall along the American-Mexico border? Put (on it) a false high price of $40 billion-plus. Bah, humbug.”

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