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The Vent: May 4

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Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2013 11:09 am | Updated: 11:23 am, Thu May 16, 2013.

“The richest American company Apple is going to borrow billions & billions to run the company, probably from themselves because you don’t have to pay taxes on borrowed money. While a venter worries about the homeless defecating and urinating in Mesa. When is congress going to stop these wealthy corporations from defecating and urinating on America.”

“First-graders have a massive group looking out for their safety: It is called the NRA. That is the only group that has put forth any logical ideas on how to protect our children from wackos. Meanwhile groups like the Brady anti-gun lobby wastes their time working on stupid and ineffective legislation, like the most recent Senate gun bill, that would have had zero effect on stopping gun violence and zero effect on protecting children.”

“Obama is one of the very few chief executives, and probably the only one, in American history that got a bigger budget than the year before (albeit there was a decrease in his increase) but can’t provide the same services to his customers — the American citizens with more money. Even the FAA has more money after the Sequester than it did in the original 2013 budget. Don’t believe it? Check with Senator Coburn’s office.”

“Sequester: The Neanderthals in Congress got all bent out of shape over the air traffic delays caused by the Sequester. It seems the delays would be an inconvenience to them as they tried to travel back to their districts. Such delays would cause them great discomfort. So great would their discomfort be that they had to pass emergency legislation to prevent such horrors. Of course they said it was to ease the pain of the traveling public. Apparently they were not smart enough to realize that the Sequester would affect them.”

“Is it surprising that the most frequent fliers in the world, members of Congress, could figure out how to fix the FAA flight controller sequestration problem in one day — the day before they all flew home? It would be a real surprise if Congress were to earn its pay and exercise similar fiscal oversight for the hundreds of other federal agencies and departments they have created.”

“When our founding fathers wrote the first amendment there was no mention of recording someone’s voice or private conversations on a telephone. Congressional changes were made to protect their own privacy and safety. Heaven forbid they should make changes to the changes to the 2nd amendment to protect the lives of small defenseless children. Case in point, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) was crying like a baby to the FBI because his rights were violated by a recording, while telling Sandy Hook survivors while their losses are tragic his right to privacy outweighs their loss, then votes no to simple background check. He’s a disgrace.”

“Not everyone thinks of Jeff Flake as a coward because of his vote in favor of weak gun laws; Matter of fact he’s a hero to at least three groups: his wife and children, convicted felons and of course Al-Qaeda.”

“I would like to congratulate the Liberals of this country, When you have immigrants that are receiving money from this country to support them, and put them through college. Then they carry out a terrorist attack against that same country, where many are reluctant to even call it a terrorist attack. And then we pay for defending the Terrorist. When this happens you truly have achieved a Liberal utopia!”

“All of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress who voted for the Democrats’ Obamacare law — that they passed — should now be required to have Obamacare health insurance.”

“In 2014, Obamacare will make our existing insurance coverage much more expensive. The same coverage we are receiving now will increase 30-50 percent more! I want to thank all of you who voted for Obama and after your paycheck goes to all the parasites, maybe, just maybe you’ll wake up.”

“Why do some people feel the need to come out that they are ‘gay’? It is a sexual lifestyle that is not normal. People need to keep their sexual preference private. Most of us don’t want to hear that they are living a lifestyle that is unhealthy and destructive. There seems to be an epidemic going on of people thinking it is okay and encouraging young people to become homosexual. An NBA player comes out and is praised by the President, First Lady and others. Why are they “glorifying” destructive behavior and even encouraging it? What is the real reason the President and others are pushing the gay agenda? Some people may not be able to see what the results of such a lifestyle will be, but I predict it is going to have a negative effect on America in more ways than one! If some people want to live a gay (homosexual) lifestyle, that is their right that should be kept personal and private. Please just keep it that way and don’t try to force your views on the rest of us!”

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