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The Vent: Oct. 19

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Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 8:31 am

“I am sure most Democrats don’t understand the comment about how Carmona should protect women by snubbing Clinton. They either weren’t alive in the 90’s or aren’t smart enough to realize the man’s actions have proven time and again what he really thinks of the role of women. Their continuing support of him tells me everything I need to know about the Democratic party. That is why I left the party to become an independent.”

“When in a debate, a person who is not telling the truth should be interupted, that makes for a heated debate and makes it much more interesting. Otherwise you can’t tell where one lie leaves off and the next one begins. An interuption serves the same purpose as comma or period in the political arena.”

“I think our political canidates think more about the Middle East than they do about the USA. We should bring our troops home and let them guard our boarders and provide security at our airports.”

“We now know that Hillary was promised that if she would take the fall and blame for Obama in the Libya deaths, He and the democrat’s would back and totally finance her in 2016. The buck will not stop with Obama (as it should) because he would never raise himself to that level of decency as Nixon did when he too lied to the American public.”

“Hillary’s biggest mistake in the Benghazi fiasco, trusting in Obama!”

“Looks like Cathy Herrod — the state lobbyist responsible for quashing the school anti-bullying bill (saying that it was ‘pro-gay’), is at it again. Now, at the behest of the Rethuglican powers that be, she is attacking the sales tax referendum designed to support quality education in Arizona, saying that the money ‘supports Planned Parenthood.’ This issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with health care or Planned Parenthood. It is to ensure that our schools receive guaranteed funding, seeing that the GOP majority in our state government intends to choke the life out of our education system while still in the crib. Don’t be fooled, folks.”

“I found out one very interesting point from the V.P. debate, Paul Ryan has not only pledged allegiance to the lobbyist Grover Norquist and taken it to the floor of Congress, he has also pledged allegiance to the Vatican and taken that to the floor of Congress. At no time during the debate did he speak of his oath to the constitution.”

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