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The Vent - December 15

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Posted: Friday, December 15, 2006 5:01 am | Updated: 2:37 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The Decider has decided not to decide.”

“So far, the city of Scottsdale ethics code seems to apply to everyone but politicians, the very folks that suffer from more ethical lapses than any other group of people.”

“Instead of micromanaging every development like (One Scottsdale), the Scottsdale City Council should devote itself to a plan to synchronizing traffic lights. It would do an awful lot toward controlling and improving the flow of traffic.”

“Scottsdale Mayor (Mary) Manross appears to specialize in signing legal documents which she keeps from the watchful eye of the council.”

“The outdoor dining district on Craftsman Court that Tom Anderson wants created (Tribune, Tuesday) will wind up being a huge smoking zone, certainly not adding to the friendly environment for downtown Scottsdale street life.”

“I was reading the article by Lisa Haskell (Opinion 2, Tuesday) and I didn’t realize that, since 1966, I have been living in the ghetto. I guess I’m weird because it’s wonderful for me to live in Scottsdale.”

“Hooray for Lisa Haskell … I’ve been here 47 years and I live near downtown Scottsdale. She spelled it out very well and I think the politicians ought to help us out here.”

“Never in my life did I think I would say this, but Jimmy Carter is right. Israel is over there just to colonize people against their will.”

“The more I read about him, the more I’m convinced — if Jimmy Carter had two heads, he’d be twice as stupid.”

“If Palestinians controlled their terrorists, Israel would not need a wall.”

“This is for the young lady that cut me off in my school bus this morning: Stop driving now and turn in your driver’s license. You’re going to kill somebody some day.”

“Now that we have the do-not-call list for solicitation calls, everyone suddenly has ‘surveys,’ which are allowed. I think it’s time those thinly veiled solicitation surveys need to be included in the do-not-call list.”

“If Cox and Qwest would apply the money they spend on advertising to fill my trash bucket, they could hook most of us up to the Internet for nothing.”

“Wonder why it is you have to drive 15 mph through the school zone the whole day long when the kids are in school. It’s stupid. Back east … we used to take the signs down when the kids were in school.”

“I’ve forgotten. Am I supposed to still be scared of the bird flu, or has it gone the way of sharks and SARS?”

The same infrastructure issues are going to rear their ugly head in Tempe as they’ve done in Queen Creek because Tempe is doing the same, allowing developers to overbuild, over vertically instead of horizontally, 340 feet into the air.”


“Why don’t the people at the city and county and state levels hold the developers accountable for the infrastructure messes they leave behind when they just plop houses down in the middle of nowhere? There should be a law.”

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