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The Vent - September 16

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Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2006 7:22 am | Updated: 4:44 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Since when has the town of Gilbert required you to give your name and address before they will let you talk to somebody?”

“Councilman (R.E.) Eck of Apache Junction says he can’t stand learning from the media information about city employees. Gee, maybe he and the other council members should do their jobs and make certain background checks are done on all city employees.”

“The people in Mesa have been speeding through town for years, and now the morons running this city want to give them a 30-day grace period to do what they’ve been doing for years. Chop it off and give them a ticket.”

“You can vote for photo (enforcement) now. A ‘yes’ vote results in waiving your rights, incriminating yourself and paying a fine. A ‘no’ vote by throwing away your mailed citation results in the program going bankrupt in its trial period.”

“I’m actually excited about the green-light cameras going into effect (in Mesa). I’m sick and tired of being run off the road. Unfortunately, I think they need to go in somewhere else besides Southern (Avenue).”

“The city’s land at Riverview is already attractive, much more so than a bunch of dealers hawking cars on concrete. Mesa shouldn’t add ‘auto mall capital’ to ‘pawn shop and check-cashing mecca’ as a defining character of the city.”

“I hope if the ballparks are sold for car lots, no one will buy cars there. We need more ballparks, not car lots, in Mesa.”

“I lived in (Queen Creek) for six years, and since the new mayor got into power, all I’ve gotten are extended traffic jams. The roads are worse and the backup times are worse.”

“I’m calling in regards to changing the name of Williams Gateway Airport. Phoenix-come-lately doesn’t need to have its name on that airport. It’s been Williams for many, many years, (which) more than 90 percent of the people here know about.”

“I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that Phoenix should keep its hands off of Williams Gateway Airport. It’s been Williams airport for over 50 years.”

“I see the city of Mesa has money to put speed bumps in where people can bounce on them and break springs. But they don’t have money to honor vets, who gave everybody the right to do this, with a parade on Veterans Day.”

“The people who live in the expensive, gated communities are complaining that the SRP poles will mar their view of the desert scenery. Well, that’s exactly what those people did to us who have lived there before their homes were built. So what goes around, comes around.”

“So the reason that Prop. 401 went down in flames, according to Mayor Manross, is Scottsdale voters are too stupid to know the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ vote. Here’s another proposition, Mrs. Mayor, when the utterly baffled citizens of Scottsdale vote you out of office, perhaps Jenna will give you a job at Babe’s.”

“I think Mayor Manross needs to go to back to her church and preaching. The cabarets have been here forever and they are going to be here forever. So why not just tax it like any other business and don’t make an issue out of it?”

“Why is Mary Manross and the council only going after the so-called skin clubs? They never go after Zorba’s (Adult Book Store). Zorba’s isn’t any better than the skin clubs.”

“I don’t understand why the Tribune thinks we should consult with the sex-oriented businesses before we regulate them. Do you think we should ask bank robbers how we should go about preventing bank robbery?”

“I’m going to get on the mayor and the council, each one of them, for bugging Next. Why don’t they just give (it) a bar license? Who cares? What’s the big deal?”

“Why in the world should any parent in Scottsdale have to hire an outside college consultant to help their child to get into a good college? What in the name of God are we paying high school counselors for if they’re not there to provide that service?”

“Hold on to your wallets, Scottsdale. I see the City Council is holding a closed-door meeting.”

“I read the article about traffic control and this to me is just a joke. I sat through meeting after meeting on traffic control and after a year and a half, the city did exactly what they intended to do in the first place.”

“Wow, Colette Rosati couldn’t even make a gracious statement in defeat. Thank you, Republicans, for sending her packing, finally.”

“I have no pity for the people complaining about the rodent populations in Scottsdale and other areas of the Valley. They’re the same people who probably complain about cats wandering the neighborhood. If you leave the cats alone, you might have less rodents.”

“Craig Jackson of the car auctions, if Scottsdale sells him the land he wants, it sounds like he’s going to be running things with a lot more shows, and we’re going to have a lot more traffic in that area.”

“I guess the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau has never read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Forget Mexico. Let’s build a wall across Scottsdale.”

“Corporate America is running and ruining this country through its lack of cooperation on national security and its aggressive promotion of globalization.”

“Michael Moore didn’t use professional actors in a fake script. He just used candid interviews and actual news footage. But you can’t handle the truth, can you?”

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