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The Vent: March 5

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Posted: Saturday, March 5, 2011 4:00 am

“I read the article on Sunday about Shakira, stating the ‘Latinos in U.S. will have “justice.” ’ Like they do in Colombia, Shakira? Why doesn’t she clean up her own country before invading ours?”

“As a fifty-something who remembers how Oscars were never the same after Bob Hope left, I realized the real stars who wove that golden illusion and excitement died decades ago. An unwed, pregnant woman getting best actress award leaves nothing to the imagination. Best part of the Oscars was Bob Hope in black and white. Do a montage of dead hosts and that will be more entertaining!”

“It seems no matter how you attain results, if the results can even be trusted, Mayor Gordon will back you. Look at the situation with the police chief. The ends justifies the means. Typical crooked politician. It will be a great day when he leaves office and loses his next election due to his own lack of character.”

“If Americans want jobs, this is what Americans will have to do: be willing to work for $1 dollar to $3 dollars a hour, give up all benefits and give corporations a open end check on pollution. This is what the opposition is offering. Out sourcing jobs has not improved the U.S. economy and cutting taxes on corporations is not the answer, after all the loopholes corporations have their tax rate at around 6%. Corporations who use foreign country loopholes don’t pay any U.S. taxes. One U.S. company made $11 billion in 2010 and paid no U.S. taxes. It is time to turn this country around before we need a freedom square.”

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