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The Vent: November 24

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Posted: Saturday, November 24, 2007 12:55 am | Updated: 5:38 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The reason the amount of students is declining at (Mesa Community College) is costs, including gas. It’s also that the professors don’t care about students, and classes are full and students can’t get into them because they don’t offer enough sections.”

“We now need $300 million to build schools. We also pay for free meals for kids in school and free kindergarten before school. It is high time we have something to say about the size of a family and how many children they can have, or they should pay more in taxes to help us pay for all of those schools.”

“We have more available jobs than we have applicants to fill them, but the needs at the food bank are ever greater. So what’s wrong with this picture?”

“We want to thank Mr. (Dick) Wilson of the Charmin ad with Mr. Whipple. It made all of us Whipples a lot more prominent.”

“If you’re not sure if you should pay your tithing on your Social Security disability, ask your (Mormon) bishop, not Mitt Romney.”

“Now that the (Transportation Security Administration) has told us how to fold our clothes, now the next thing they will want is for us to post our size so they won’t have to try them on before they steal them.”

“How much longer are you people going to be so stupidly politically correct in calling this vandalism 'tagging.’ People painting buildings and walls is vandalism.”

“When I hear the statement, 'I am not against the troops. I am only against the war,’ my blood boils. If you are going to give the troops slack, then everyone else up the ladder gets slack. Or in reverse, if you’re against the commander-in-chief, it all filters down the ladder to the troops as they carry out the orders.”

“The Bush administration has always been the standard bearer for arrogance and hypocrisy. Yet, they’ve reached a new low in calling the Democrats fiscally irresponsible. At least the Democrats want to give some money back to the people who really need it, the vast majority of middle class and lower middle class Americans.”

“Hillary Clinton is making her comeback. Now, she should tell Bill to zip it. Send him on a world tour and not come back until after the primaries. Please!”

“Regarding Robert Redford, not much has changed since the 1950s. He’s now, instead of a California youngster, a California oldster. He’s still blond, possibly athletic, and certainly, still politically clueless.”

“Children who are not vaccinated against childhood diseases should not be allowed in public schools, period. I don’t care what your religious belief is. Why should your stupidity put my children in danger?”

“With an ocean on each of our coasts in the United States, to be concerned about water is utterly ridiculous. The answer is desalination.”

“Maybe if the kids were not watching movies in school, they’d have time to get their homework done in school and not bring hours of it home every night.”

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