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The Vent - August 17

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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007 1:20 am | Updated: 5:47 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“In regards to (Chandler police Sgt.) Tom Lovejoy leaving his police dog in the vehicle, I do believe that we all need to see that people do make mistakes. He had worked a double-shift and had everything else going on. Tell me out there, do you ever forget to do something?”

“(Wednesday’s) Vent, six snips at Sgt. Lovejoy and one of compassion. (I) cannot believe the self-righteous morons so quick to judge and condemn behind the veil of anonymity. Next time you have an emergency, contact one of the other five members of your group. Find out the details before you judge and condemn. Thank you for your service, Sgt. Lovejoy.”

“I think officer Lovejoy should be punished as severely as is possible because that darned Bandit was his partner. He was used to having that dog in the car all of the time. It’s not just like a normal person who might take a dog for an occasional trip in the car and then forget.”

“How about putting Lovejoy in the backseat of a police car for about 13 hours without pay?”

“If they do not find a violation of the (Chandler police) department policies, then they need to rewrite the department policies.”

“I’m a dog lover myself and I feel bad for the police and I feel bad for his (handler). But it sounds like if we prosecute him, we need to prosecute all of these people who leave their kids in the car and have accidental drownings, which we don’t prosecute them as of yet.”

“I know those police dogs are expensive. But as usual, there is more of an outcry about an animal than a child that has been left in a hot car.”

“I’ve got a problem with this new format. I do not like Savvy. I want it back to having a business section and life and leisure by itself. We want our celebrities and our business separate.”

“I love the new format of the Tribune. For all of the complaints, I think there’s more of us who like it than don’t.”

“Karl Rove’s excuse for leaving the White House is to spend more time with this family. Funny he should say that. The GIs fighting in Iraq would like to do the same, and they really mean it.”

“Evidently the pictures of Karl Rove in a sequined tutu dancing with parties yet unnamed have fallen into the wrong hands.”

“Karl Rove is quitting so he can work for Satan full time.”

“It’s too bad the Washington Democrats didn’t wake up and smell the roses as far as Karl Rove’s Social Security plan. Our kids wouldn’t have to worry about their retirement if that money was in the stock market.”

“Now that Karl Rove is resigning, I’d like to see Ann Coulter take his place.”

“Let’s change all of the airports in the area to Phoenix-Chandler, Phoenix-Scottsdale and Phoenix-Falcon Field. That way it would be easier for the pilots to find them.”

“Aaron Brown is going to be teaching at ASU because he and other like-minded partisan anchors have caused CNN to tank and he needs a job.”

“Arizona is ahead of other states. Our bridges collapse before they are built.”

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