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The Vent: Dec. 8

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Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2011 1:08 pm

"Yet another friend of Obama's is being investigated for corruption. Was he elected because he said this would not happen under his watch?"

"Dear Venter, you may well be autistic, but that is no excuse to be stupid. If you will take the time to thoroughly research the subjects of health care, education, and social services, you will see that it is your beloved Republicans who are at fault for denying access to the most vulnerable of Americans. As Alan Grayson, the former Democratic representative from Florida famously stated, ‘The Republican health care philosophy is: Die Quickly.' How prophetic he was."

"If Tempe does in fact build a sand beach, it's a golden opportunity for Mesa. If Mesa Mayor Scott Smith is smart he could make a deal and lease the 100 park benches in downtown that never get used."

"Liberals are going after Cain like sharks after a wounded seal. The thing is all of his accusers can be shown to have ulterior motives. Where were they with Bill Clinton and John Edwards? They nearly nominated Edwards and elected Clinton twice even though their misdeeds were proven."

"Democrats vow to fight voter identification laws. Why, when the laws were designed to eliminate voter fraud (such as the activities of Acorn who engaged in voter registration fraud and embezzlement)? Could it be because they want people, who are not eligible or who are in the United States illegally, to cast their vote for Democratic candidates? It seems logical to me that any and all members of Congress would want to protect the privilege of voting in and the integrity of elections."

"The war on terrorism should include Amnesty International. They do all they can to protect confirmed terrorists but are going after a U.S. president. That should be enough for BO to put out the same order on them that he did for Osama bin Laden."

"God does not care about the outcome of a football game. However, he does care that he is front and center with everyone now, not just the faithful. Thank you Tim Tebow. ‘And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phi 2:11)."

"I am looking forward to seeing the Phoenix Electric Light Parade this year. I wonder if they are going to use those curly CFL bulbs or solar panels for their displays. Driven by hybrid electric cars, I suppose."

"As a current Mesa firefighter, will vice-mayor (and most likely our ‘new' mayor) be faced with the Public Service Employee (firefighters included) Pension funding and payout debacle? Will Mayor-elect Scott Somers put the brakes on runaway pensions or side with his old buddies in the fire house? When our vice-mayor has a break from pancake-flipping and cute baby photo-ops, he might want to inform the Mesa taxpayers what he intends to do on this issue. He can always do a ‘Mitt Romney Flip-Flop' after the election. It won't be the first time Mesa's had a flip-flopping mayor, now would it?"

"‘They're coming to America!', the land of opportunity for all. Another disaster brewing in the U.S. Senate, a bill to introduce ‘homeowners visas' for those foreigners who can afford to pay $500,000+ for a home. Talk about opening the doors for international organized crime members! Come on in, it'll be a lot easier to run the business from your consumer base and the State Department will make it legal for you. Channel 5 coverage this past week presented an undercover story regarding the high dollar homes the cartel bosses are building in Nogales, Sonora, as they move north, within feet of the border. One can only imagine what we'd have here. As was videoed, mansions with walls topped in razor-wire, armed guards, etc. Very befitting for Paradise Valley and north Scottsdale."


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