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The Vent: March 15

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Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:15 am

"All this talk about cutting welfare, Medicare, Social Security, education, etc. How about cutting foreign aid?"

"Collective bargaining is not a right; it's a power. Wisconsin Gov. Walker reduced workers' bargaining power. They will have to vote to recertify their union every year, but they won't be forced to pay union dues. Good teachers will receive merit pay. Remember the unions lost a little power. People and companies lose power all the time. But no one lost any rights here."

"Congratulations to Wisconsin Gov. Walker for fulfilling his campaign promises. For the first time since President Obama was elected, I'm proud of my country."

"Only in Mesa do we ignore what needs to be taken care of and continue spending taxpayers' money. Like paving walkways along a canal when there are sidewalks that need mowed."

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