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The Vent: January 24

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Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2008 11:30 pm | Updated: 11:38 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Well, the governor is proposing photo radar statewide (Tribune, Saturday). A cash cow? Gosh, what a surprise.”

“There seems to be no moral issue with the state taking lottery profits. I see no difference with that and ticketing speeders who seem to have more money than brains.”

“(Gov.) Napolitano’s photo enforcement as revenue is a great idea. The guilty will pay off the debt.”

“I’m a Republican, and I will give Gov. Napolitano credit, that she will not let the faith-based George Bush administration blackmail the state of Arizona with federal money by requiring schools to teach abstinence only.”

“Reading the article (Sunday) on the Arizona State University building and safety hazards is very comparable to reading Dilbert in the comics section.”

“Rep. Bill Knopnicki … is one of the people who sanctioned and endorsed employer sanctions. Now he wants to back out of it (Tribune, Friday) because he didn’t have enough time and it’s too harsh? Then he shouldn’t be in office.”

“Russell Pearce is right. The employer sanctions law should be tougher, not watered down.”

“Yep, undocumented aliens are lawbreakers. So are jaywalkers, shoplifters, speeders, underage drinkers, etc. Be consistent. Deport ’em all!”

“For over 140 years, the Constitution has clearly stated that babies born in the United States are 100 percent American citizens. The courts have always interpreted it this way. If you don’t like this, get over it or work to pass a new constitutional amendment.”

“Those senators and congressmen refusing to support Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s new border crossing rules next month should be voted out of office. You can’t complain about illegal immigration and then, on the next hand, complain about the rules put into effect to protect America.”

“I don’t think Bruce Haffner or Channel 3 is trying to exploit the helicopter crash (Vent, Friday). It was terrible for everybody. Bruce loves his job. He loved his friends. He wanted to pay (them) tribute.”

“This nonsense about a tax rebate, all it’s going to do is stimulate the heck out of China’s economy. Everything you buy anymore is made in China.”

“Just what we needed: (state highway) message boards. Something else to distract drivers and make the rush-hour drive time even worse.”

“When you guys up in Minnesota get your bridges fixed, then you can tell us about how to fix our light rail (Vent, Saturday).”

“Sen. (Jim) Waring and his supporters don’t go far enough. We should just authorize police officers to execute drivers they think might have been drinking, and do away with annoyances such as trials, judges and juries.”

“Tempe Marketplace and Mesa Riverview are generating $500,000 a month in sales tax revenues. What’s SkySong generating for Scottsdale’s coffers?”

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