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The Vent: Sept. 23

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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:30 am

“Read the paper and saw a new reason for the liberals to celebrate: Abortions in Arizona are up. Liberals: Pro choice, as long as the choice is abortion. Proud of that?”

“What’s so hard to understand about leading from behind. John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell all lead from behind Grover Norquist, and wave their pledges like they were American flags. None of the faces on Mt. Rushmore ever signed a pledge. This country was doing pretty well until lawmakers pledged allegiance to a lobbyist instead of the flag.”

“I don’t think Chris Dodd or Barney Frank lost my investments for me, nor did President Obama get them back for me. I did it all by myself with the help of 320 million other Americans, thats about 99 percent of this country’s population. Those with offshore accounts didn’t help at all.”

“Now that we know the truth about both Fast and Furious and the attacks in the Middle East, Obama, Hillary, Holder, Napolitano and others must be held for murder.”

“The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Phoenix U.S. attorney’s office failed to investigate ‘Fast and Furious.’ And a long-awaited Department of Justice inspector general’s 471-page report blames the U.S. Justice Department for the botched 2009 gun-trafficking operation along the U.S.-Mexican border – but clears Attorney General Eric Holder of any wrong-doing. It’s been nearly two years since Brian Terry lost his life during the federal program aimed at tracking illegal guns.”

“Just because the investigation didn’t deliver Eric Holder’s head on a spike, the right-wingers are furious. Plenty of people lost their jobs and some much-needed changes were made and a bad program was exposed. But that’s not enough blood for Darrell Issa and his ilk.”

“Under the present administration, 800,000 more women are in poverty than before, Hispanic women have become the fastest and largest growing poverty group in America and four times more men than women are getting jobs. The Romney ticket will free small business to hire more people of both genders and all races, so why would any woman want to see Obama back in office?”

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