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The Vent: Nov. 11

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Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2012 10:00 am

"Reading the vent after the election I’m amazed so many can’t fathom the idea of majority rule, they cling to the ideals of old white men from the 20th century who see nothing wrong with playing musical chairs with lives and jobs, and brand anyone a ‘taker’ who has lost control of their own destiny. I love nostalgia as much as anyone, but there’s a fine line between nostalgia and nausea."

"The Democrats should scrap the jackass for their party logo and start using the visage of Santa Claus. This would be far more appropriate since they are great at buying votes with giveaways paid for with — my hard earned tax money!"

"I have an idea for Democrats. Why don’t you just save time by cutting a check to everyone that voted for you instead of having to promise all the freebies?"

"How ironic. The Arizona Tea Party Republicans carried the state for Romney while at the same time handing the election to Obama. The number one reason for Obama’s victory was the large Latino vote all across the country for the president. Why? The kooky immigration laws passed by the Arizona Tea Party."

"Gilbert voters beware the new school board members. One of them, or their supporters, made EJ Anderson’s signs ‘disappear’ from Baseline Road two days before the election. That sure doesn’t spark a lot of confidence."

"Confederate soldiers were traitors to the USA the same as George Washington was a traitor to Great Britain. Many were forced to fight against their wishes. The rich slave owners used their money to keep themselves and their sons out of the war. So, most Confederate soldiers were not slave owners, unlike George Washington who did own slaves. After the war, honoring the dead from both sides was an important part of healing the nation. Being on the losing side did not mean these men were worthless. Their wives, mothers and children had every right to honor their memories. As do their great-great-great-great-great grandchildren who live today."

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