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The Vent: Feb. 10

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Posted: Sunday, February 10, 2013 7:31 am | Updated: 5:26 pm, Thu May 23, 2013.

“I can sum up the Jodi Arias trial in one word: Boring! What’s worse is that they’re trying to make it scandalous (and making a lame attempt at making her seem like a victim) by talking about sex and religion, which only makes it more boring. Watch ‘Criminal Minds’ instead. It has better plot lines and better-looking people.”

“Kimberly Miller, I’ve got some news that might shock you: a veggies-only diet is actually very unhealthy. Believe it or not, meat has vitamins in it that cannot be found anywhere else. The same thing applies to dairy products. I will continue to eat meat when it is provided for me, especially on Mondays!”

“Americans who travel abroad and consort with Al Qaeda or the Taliban should get the same due process that an airliner crashing into a high-rise building provides, or the same due process provided to American soldiers by a roadside bomb. That’s the down side of war; it’s a state of hostility, not due process. If any Americans afiliated with a terrorist group were to raise a white flag I’m sure President Obama would grant them due process.”

“There should be a reimbursement credit for the extra gas we use being rerouted and detoured resulting from the ongoing construction and road work.”

“So President Obama allowed a picture of himself firing a shotgun. The White House claims that he enjoys skeet shooting. This is his way of showing how he is just an ordinary citizen? How many ordinary citizens shoot skeet? How many of the common folk can afford the cost of membership in the clubs where you shoot skeet? I can’t relate, but I’ll bet that all his financial supporters can!”

“I like the House version of immigration reform making it easier and legal to hire the second class work force, call it reform, and the icing on the cake none of the perminent guest workers would ever be allowed to vote. In a right to work state you could call it The path to exploitation at will.”

“If you are for anti-gun laws, think of all you have done to promote your position. Since you started whining, just think about all the guns that have been purchased and are now in society. Keep it up and everyone will own a gun… idiots!”

“What’s all the fuss over the ‘lights out’ at the Super Bowl. It’s become a bigger issue than the several power failures blanketing the east coast for hours/days in the past. It’s only the result of technology and the ‘minihoonies’, so don’t worry about it; have another Bud.”

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