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The Vent: Dec. 26

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Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 9:12 am | Updated: 11:58 am, Tue Jan 1, 2013.

“Surprise, surprise. The National Gun Manufacturers Association aka the NRA wants more guns in schools.”

“Republicans in congress have stooped to a new low. In the past they just represented deceit, imorality, and treachery. Now they fight relentlessly for the most greedy, and the right to bear arms for the most hideous mass murderers this country has ever known. They are an ebarrassment to the ideals this country was founded on.”

“The report concludes the Benghazi incident was a failure of leadership. That’s right, by both the President and the Secretary of State. The places where the buck is supposed to stop. The White House is also guilty of the lies that were told. According to the report there never was a protest. Obviously somebody had to create that story and then repeat it. Wait that was the President, among others, that repeated it for two weeks. Obama’s reference the day after to terrorism, if you read the transcript, was obviously to 9/11/2001, not 2012.”

“We lost four lives in Benghazi, and 20 6- and 7-year-old lives at Sandy Hook elementary. Where is John McCain’s outrage over that? Mental illness must be addressed beginning with congress by standing them in front of a TV camera and describe their idea of an assault rifle. Bottom line: How many children must a hunting rifle be able to kill in a minute before it becomes an insult rifle?”

“The constant coverage of the Newtown incident is a prime example of how the media messes with the publics’ minds. Folks are becoming paranoid, children crying and frightened about attending classes. All in the name of sensationalism and ratings. The best thing the media could do right now is try to play down the incident. Let those affected by it grieve in peace and the rest of the country get on with their lives and festivities of the Season.”

“Be alert....the Socialist facists are coming for our guns. One trained school employee, armed with a .22, could have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter. An armed pilot on each of four airplanes would have stopped 9/11 cold. This isn’t about the slaughter of innocents. This is about the ever expanding reach of government into our everyday lives.”

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