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The Vent: March 15

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Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2008 11:16 am | Updated: 9:25 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I think the leadership at ASU is really showing their stupidity again. How can you propose a high-rise dormitory where you are housing hundreds and hundreds of students, and not have any parking (Tribune, Thursday)?”

“If Arizona paves over the desert, that would cut back on the dust pollution in the air. But, then it would contribute to global warming, creating heat islands. Either way, we lose — choking or heatstroke.”

“I don’t think Gov. Eliot Spitzer should be charged criminally because I believe in our dual justice system, where cops, politicians and well-liked celebrities are above the law.”

“I savor the thought of Janet Napolitano tendering her resignation on national television.”

"Spitzer didn’t resign. He was pushed, pulled and kicked out.”

“I just wonder what all of the big hoopla is about David Paterson in New York, the new governor, about him being blind. It’s as if people think blind people can’t do anything. And he’s not even totally blind. He goes out and plays basketball and stuff. He’s just legally blind.”

“Lower the drinking age to 16 and raise the driver’s license age to 25.”

“Cox Cable TV is moving the lower-cost channels to the higher priced channels without compensating subscribers for the lost programs. We need a la carte pricing so we can choose the programs we want.”

“The venter who wants to cut the (gas) taxes in Arizona per gallon in half, that means you’ll save 9 cents a gallon if you did that. Why don’t you just air up your tires, tune your car up or stop using your air conditioner as much? All of those things would save much more than 9 cents a gallon.”

“The shabby treatment given Geraldine Ferraro proves that reverse racism is alive and well. Instead of wondering if something is racism, why don’t we focus on whether her remark is true?”

“We can’t help the Palestinians (Vent, Wednesday). We’re too busy killing the Iraqis.”

“You want me to tell you how many Palestinians need to die? None, if they quit attacking Israel first. Israel never attacks first. They retaliate for terrorism.”

“Not all guys expect more than a dinner and a movie with a nice lady (Vent, Thursday). And not all real ladies expect something for nothing. Even just for dinner and a movie, sometimes they try to retaliate in a nice manner.”

“This is regarding the Federal Reserve bailout of Wall Street. How come it’s good business when the government uses taxpayer money to bail out the rich, but if they give a little bit to the poor man, that’s socialism?”

“America’s greatest generation may just bankrupt us all.”

“Somebody said hunting is not a sport, it’s murder (Vent, Sunday). I’ve been hunting for 60 years and all kinds of animals, and the meat is fantastic. It is better than any beef or pork you receive at the store.”

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