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The Vent: Nov. 25

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Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2012 1:45 pm

“Here is a great way to boost our economy. Everyone with a foreign car should go out and buy either GM, Ford or Chrysler. That way your money will give the economy a big boost. Americans should support the USA, not Japan or Korea. When you buy foreign cars they tell you that the cars are made here, which is wrong, the cars are assembled here. Another point: When you buy a foreign car some of your money goes to that country.”

“It looks like Obama is waging a war on women of his own. He made Hillary take the blame for getting the diplomats in Benghazi killed and he put up Susan Rice as the stooge to lie about it. Now let’s take a look over at the DHS.”

“Leftists who are suggesting that the folks talking about secession should be stripped of their citizenship, deported and exiled could learn something from Mother Nature. A parasite can’t survive very long without its host.”

“Let’s hope that during this latest Palestine war that an American Navy ship isn’t attacked and 34 sailors killed and 171 wounded by the Israeli Air Force. Back in June of 1967, the USS Liberty was attacked for hours by IDF jets and torpedo boats even though she was clearly flying Old Glory. Just like the Benghazi attack, no help was forthcoming by the powers that be (another Democratic administration, Lyndon Johnson’s). Just like the Benghazi attack, the USS Liberty attack was covered-up by the White House, too.”

“All of the Wal-Mart employees who plan to strike aren’t doing it to tear down the Walton $86 billion empire, and bring them down to their level. It’s about fairness and some people just don’t get it. Even the front page of the paper says there is an increase in food assistance. Probably because most Wal-Mart employees need it. Then they are branded as takers by the very people who cause it. What’s wrong with having an $80 billion empire and getting your employees off food stamps? Makes you wonder who the takers really are.”

“Dear President Obama, please do not put America through a contentious nomination process for secretary of state after the ‘Hillary’ leaves. Susan Rice’s nomination is dead in the water. Sen. Kerry’s nomination will just bring out the ‘Swift Boaters’ and expose his Vietnam-era dirty laundry all over again. There is just one person who would sail through, Ms. Jane Fonda. She already has lots of experience talking to America’s enemies. The Democrats love her and the Republicans would give anything to see her on foreign soil and not on American soil.”

“I wanted to know if anyone else feels like I do: unhappy about why the Mesa City Council has to push a light rail through on Main Street. Why is Mesa wasting all of the money it spent to make downtown Mesa welcoming and beautiful with all of the upgrades down there only to be torn down for some ugly and expensive light rail? What about all of the businesses that have to put up with yet another renovation? Has anyone wondered why Mesa just gave away land for the Goldwater Library to be built? And why is it building high-density senior living on existing land? Are there no better options? What happened to the nice aquatic center that was going to be built? Or the water park that was going to be built? What do other Mesa citizens think about this? Just wondering.”

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