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The Vent - January 30

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Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 2:43 am | Updated: 7:33 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The latest example of idiocy in the Arizona Legislature is by Sen. Robert Blendu and his committee compatriots who think it’s OK to obscure license plates to avoid citations.”

“Why do you think so many of our Canadian friends come here to have their surgeries and pay for it themselves? Because they could wait up to two years to get the heart surgery they need in Canada, and that’s what socialized medicine does for us.”

“Something you wouldn’t see in a newspaper in Canada would be the (Monday) story about the cancer survivor fighting to retain her medical coverage.”

“I tell all of my friends and neighbors in the Midwest, I know I’m back in Arizona when I see all of the abandoned shopping carts everywhere. What a shame.”

“If we’re going to be forced to have photo radar, then every dime of profit should go to DPS to increase the force and give them the equipment they need to work that they don’t have now, because Napolitano is funding kindergarten instead.”

“This is for the venter who wants to have a Christian Democrat stand against anti-Christian Dems. I stand up for the Christian values all the time, but I’m against the Christian churches that say we need to vote for the Republican Party that stands up for the rich.”

“Why should Christian Democrats stand up against the anti-Christians in their own party? Christianity is not the only religion in this country.”

“In your editorial on passports (Saturday), you refer to ‘a government-issued photo ID, typically a driver’s license or birth certificate.’ When have you ever seen a photo on a birth certificate, and what good would a baby photo do nowadays?”

“When a pedophile touches a child, he should be put to death immediately. We are too easy on these creeps.”

“The Constitution provides for the separation of the state from church. It does not provide for the separation of church from state.”

“I’m sure the terrorists are delighted with Jane Fonda. Just as Hanoi was.”

“Now that the battleship Hanoi Jane Fonda has been taken out of mothballs, she will blow President Bush and his Iraqi policy right out of the water.”

“The pacifiers and the news media helped the Viet Cong defeat us in Vietnam and now are doing the same thing in Iraq.”

“I am firmly agreed with taking the war overseas. I just think this war is being run by amateurs and idiots ... Where’s our voice? I want to protest the way the war’s being run, not the war itself.”

“As a Nebraska farmer, I take exception to the ethanol editorial in Sunday’s paper. You’re saying corn is heavily subsidized, and with the corn prices up to where they ought to be now, the subsidies for corn farmers have disappeared.”


“If somebody doesn’t want to salute the flag, or doesn’t want to go to church, or doesn’t want to eat meat, what is your problem with it if they are not hurting anybody?”

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