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The Vent: Jan. 6

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Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2013 12:03 pm | Updated: 4:28 pm, Mon Jan 14, 2013.

“What happened to global warming?”

“Clinton has been released from the hospital. So will she now finally testify before Congress? Has she run out of excuses yet? It has only been four months. What is she hiding?”

“How ironic is it that the same administration that is trying to take semi-automatic weapons from Americans is the same ones that gave weapons to criminals in Mexico!”

“A report from the Arizona Board of Regents found that the average 2012 college graduate in Arizona left campus with $22,178 of debt, a 26 percent increase from 2007. The average postgraduate student finished with a $47,803 debt burden, a stunning 40 percent increase from five years earlier. Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee earned $1.9 million last year making him the highest-paid public-university president in the U.S. He also submitted $1.7 million in expenses.”

“The Republicans wanted cuts in spending and the Democrats wanted more taxes to help balance the budget. The deal the Senate came up with consisted of approximately $41 of new taxes for every dollar of spending cuts? That’s the Democrats’ vision of compromise? Welcome to the Liberal New Year, America!”

“I survived the end of the world, and narrowly escaped being held hostage over the fiscal cliff. Now the victims of Hurricane Sandy have been taken hostage because their governor hugged President Obama. Now we are threatened to be taken hostage over the debt ceiling. When it comes to taking hostages and extortion, these boys in Congress make the Taliban look like a bunch of rookies.”

“To the brainchild thanking Obama for lowering the gas prices to $3 a gallon, I guess you conveniently forgot that when he took office gas was $1.839 a gallon, but this should be expected from a low information voter. Listen up, dummy! With all the money your hero has been printing and borrowing so he can buy votes, our money is not worth what it was when he was elected. Probably by the time this guy is evicted from the White House you will need a wheelbarrow full of dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread.”

“With the air quality alerts I’ve seen issued here since arriving in late October, maybe thought should be given to taking little steps to solve this problem. For instance the New Year’s Eve fireworks lasting for hours is quite ridiculous, not to mention the smell. A waste of money to be sure and doesn’t help the air quality.”

“Why is it that every Christmas and New Years are No Burn Days. These days should be an exception to the no burn rule. After all no one says anything about the fireworks that are set off on New Years Eve and all the smoke that they cause. How about the blow and go landscapers that blow dust into the air all year long. Give the people a break on Christmas and New Years.”

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