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The Vent: July 16 || Immigration; gubernatorial race; Hobby Lobby

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Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 3:45 am

When legal immigrants arrived at Ellis Island and were sick, they were sent back. Today, illegal immigrants are given health care better than many veterans.

The extreme left-wingers like to compare the number of executive orders issued by Obama to other presidents like Reagan. Let me tell you, it is not the number of orders but the egregiousness of the orders that counts. Here Obama has exceeded all the previous presidents.

Mike McClellan, alias English teacher, should check the facts instead of using his liberal spin mouth in describing Scott Smith as a conservative! Smith is about as conservative as Barack Hussein Obama. McClellan with his liberal agenda obviously would love to see Smith win! McClellan loves to spin, which is typical in all of his columns.

Letter writer Henry Richards is dealing in distorted truth. Hobby Lobby had no issues with employees having access to so-called “abortion drugs” prior to the creation of the Affordable Care Act. Their issue now is strictly political in nature due to the hatred they have for President Obama. The owners of Hobby Lobby certainly have no issues with abortion since they continue to purchase goods from China, which has a policy of mandatory abortion. That is the truth, Mr. Richards.

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