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The Vent - October 10

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Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 11:07 pm | Updated: 7:59 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Police chiefs meeting to decide to which laws to enforce is like prisoners meeting to decide next month’s menu. In either of those situations, you do as you are told, not what you want to do. If you want to make the laws, change your profession.”

“Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris’ statement that he doesn’t have time to run immigration status on routine traffic stops doesn’t hold water. He has enough time to run your license plate and your driver’s license to see if you have any other outstanding warrants.”

“It sounds to me like the police chiefs around this Valley are a bunch of spoiled little brats who don’t want to work and they don’t want to put their police officers to work.”

“As a Tempe old-timer recently visiting Monti’s steakhouse, it was a shock to see the loss of the old floor plan of the Hayden house. Save what you can and put it in a museum. Otherwise, it’s just phony history.”

“Regarding jury duty…every time I get that letter in the mail, I cringe along with everybody else, thinking I don’t have time, I’ve got work to do… But, it’s still our civic duty as an American to serve on a jury. If any one of us were in that position and were illegally charged, we would sure want 12 competent people as our jurors.”

“Hey, parents, you want a taxpayer handout for your child’s medical expenses? Let’s make a deal. You stop feeding your obese children junk food, and then we’ll pay for their medical.”

“If you can’t feed, clothe, educate and insure a child, you should not have them. I’m tired of paying for ignorant, illiterate, illegitimate, and/or illegal people, especially those unweds who have litters.”

“Tom Patterson’s promotion of the use of DDT to save millions of Africans from malaria (Opinion 2, Monday) is misplaced. When it did happen in the 1970s, he neglects to mention that the millions who were saved, including women and children, died of starvation.”

“I guess that it just goes to prove what the Clintons are going to do in order to get re-elected. Hillary Clinton now has Sandy Berger (on her campaign), the individual who destroyed evidence that would have indicted Bill Clinton for not doing something about al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden, and convicted of stealing from the National Archives.”

“After listening to President Bush listen to his stand on torture, he would have us believe waterboarding is nothing more than an aggressive sponge bath.”

“Once again, the Republicans are wrong about the economy. Michigan’s economic problems are about two things: the greed and selfishness of the auto industries and the fact that they have a Canadian for a governor.”

“This is for the venter who criticized Linda Turley-Hansen and she said there’s no proof God exists. Boy are you going to be surprised when you die.”

“Why does the state of Arizona continually allow untarped pickup trucks on our interstates? I am traveling west on (U.S.) 60 and there’s a truck in front of me that’s just spewing papers and garbage all over the highway.”

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