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The Vent: December 18

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Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 7:06 pm | Updated: 7:39 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“It looks like Andrew Thomas is a strong supporter of publicly financed campaigns, particularly his own. Too bad none of his opponents will have $2.5 (million) to $3 million to self-promote them when they are running against him next year.”

“I would much rather my tax dollars go toward Andrew Thomas’ law enforcement billboards than to be earmarked for some organization that gives handouts to illegal aliens.”

“The recent car chase that resulted in the death of two individuals shows that our major TV channels have not changed the way they do business at all. It seems they will do anything relating to their coverage, helicopter or otherwise, to get that news footage.”

“I’ll say one thing for Harry Mitchell. He may not be a very good representative. But he certainly knows how to keep his name in the paper. At least in your paper.”

“When did the Tribune turn into a libertarian rag? Libertarianism is self-serving and socially irresponsible.”

“When you find yourself living in the ‘cold, selfish world of libertarians,’ you’re looking at it from the perspective of one who has lost access to the libertarian’s wallet. Everyone should be free to do good, at their own expense.”

“Our forefathers came to this country to get rich. Only a handful of Pilgrims came for religious freedom.”

“What makes Christians think God would want his name on U.S. currency, which represents greed, corruption and usery?”

“If it is true that most Christians are good, does this mean that a few bad Christians are running the Christian world?”

“There are no evil Christians. They would shun evil to be Christians. Those people who are evil or do evil acts are just evil.”

“Those of you calling with your anti-Christian comments are only helping (to) fulfill end-time prophecy.”

“Terrorists do not deserve habeas corpus. They have no respect for anyone, not even their own children. So why should we give them rights?”

“Yeah, you are a cranky old man. You know who you are.”

“The high school dropouts are making fun of global warming and Al Gore again. If they had bothered to watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ instead of Rambo reruns, they would learn that a side effect of global warming is temperature extremes, and ultimately an ice age.”

“You cannot compare Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle’s records to today’s steroids. If anything, alcohol decreased the ability of an athlete.”

“Joe Lieberman is endorsing John McCain. He can endorse whomever he wants. But I object to him referring to himself as a Democrat. He’s an independent.”

“To the Okie who said ASU would lose to Oklahoma (Vent, Friday): On common ground, Oklahoma lost to Colorado. Colorado got stomped by ASU. ASU could stomp Oklahoma, or anybody in the Big 12.”

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