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The Vent: Jan. 12

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Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 3:15 am

“In light of the occurrence of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooting, I tend to now think that our focus should shift off of barking dogs and fireworks, and onto more pressing matters. Am I right?”

“So, Arizona are you happy with the gun laws? Anyone pay attention to the news - two major shootings within the week. We have become the wild, wild West — really something to be proud of.”

“Truly a tragedy about Rep. Giffords, but the left will only use this tragic event to blame talk radio and law-abiding gun owners. They are truly shameless.”

“Talk about irresponsible rhetoric. Hearing Pima County Sheriff Dupnik and others blame SB 1070, the tea party and Arizona gun laws, the reason for the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords was contemptible. This senseless act will “lift the rock” for every other pro-illegal alien amnesty liberal to scurry between all the CNN, MSNBC and PBS news programs vilifying Arizona politics. Congressman Grijalva will probably demand a boycott of Arizona again.”

“What a state ... I feel like I’m living in Judge Roy Bean’s Republican Wild West!  Arizona’s mentality keeps dropping lower by the minute. Isn’t there anything too wrong, too dumb, too ugly or too bad that Arizonans won’t do to make this state even worse than it already is?”

“Pima county sheriff stands up on national TV and says Arizona is full of racists and that talk radio and TV is to blame, What a disgrace this man is using a tragedy to fuel his agenda.”

“Every tragedy brings good people to the front lines. In the tragedy of Tucson, I discovered a gentleman: The sheriff of Pima County spoke like a true leader (the truth). It was not macho talk, just the information needed and something many Americans forgot. It was a call for unity, not division. Remove the vitriolic comments from your language and love thy neighbor and respect others’ opinion in a civilized way. I hope the people that do not agree with what I say here answer this with a civilized tone. Thank you sheriff for showing the world that there are still people with class in Arizona.”

“To Sarah Palin: How is that bulls-eye thingy working for ya now!” 

“Sarah Palin and the tea party are about as much to blame for the Tucson shootings as Barack Obama is for once saying to his left-wing activist base, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  By the way, the tea party movement won in November. Winners don’t go on shooting sprees.”

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