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The Vent - August 2

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Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2007 2:44 am | Updated: 7:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“So the Hispanics are boycotting all purchases, except just the necessities, until Labor Day. OK, all real Americans, please cancel your Mexican resort trips, employers hold off hiring Hispanics for a month, and purchase absolutely nothing in Mexico until Labor Day. Economic impact works both ways.”

“Immigrants Without Borders forgot to tell Hispanics to stay away from our hospitals, DES and anywhere else where they need assistance, and that would complete the project.”

“The cameras on (Loop) 101 are not making it a safer road. They are making it a more costly road to drive.”

“I’ll gladly give up my 211 plaque I received in the mail (Tribune, Wednesday), (I) didn’t know what it was for, if they will put my son on AHCCCS. He so desperately needs medical care.”

“Tom Patterson has got it wrong. He says the left learned a hard lesson when Americans rejected their socialistic Hillarycare? $100 millionplus from health care companies and drug companies and HMOs rejected Hillarycare, not Americans.”

“The reason some form of socialized medicine doesn’t work in our country is because of greed. The conservative right believes it’s better to let someone die than helping their brothers.”

“Aside from any new law regarding metal recycling, I don’t understand why authorities keep whining and crying and wondering how it keeps happening that thieves are stealing so much copper and not going after recyclers as accomplices in receiving stolen property.”

“Hey, Mr. Massachusetts ATV rider (Vent, Wednesday), we didn’t follow you here. We saw you coming. I’m just another Arizona tree hugger.”

“It’s not just tree huggers that want to protect the desert ... (ATV riders) rip up the desert, causing harm that just does not go away.”

“My definition in class is Channel 15 showing the memorial service for Channel 3. Where’s the other stations?”

“The venter Tuesday who felt the helicopter crash was similar to road rage obviously has never piloted an aircraft. Even in combat, we pilots have great respect for each other and there’s a universal dignity.”

“Why can’t the TV stations take turns to provide one pool helicopter that would furnish feeds to all of the TV stations instead of creating potential hazards in the sky and on the ground?”

“A grandfather dies; another policeman becomes judge, jury and executioner. How many more (deaths) with a Taser is it going to take before there is an outcry?”

“I can’t believe all of this talk with the Tasers, either to use them or not use them, first line of defense, last line of defense. The simple solution is to don’t break the law and you don’t have to worry about it. If you do happened to get stopped by the police, just comply with them.”

“Now we know why the always angry Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens wanted the bridge to nowhere. So he could make his escape from the FBI, who is investigating malfeasance in his office.”

“The Wall Street Journal — integrity lost.”

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