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The Vent: Oct. 29

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Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2011 5:30 pm

“So 80% of CNN poll respondents feel that if working taxpayers have to take drug tests then why shouldn’t non-working welfare and unemployment beneficiaries have to do the same. That should get the liberal-progressives worked up about ‘civil liberties’ and all. The L-P’s might even have to throw out the ‘race’ label if they start losing the argument. See if it ‘sticks to the wall’ like a strand of al dente spaghetti.”

“It’s getting pretty pathetic: Any good thing Obama does or suggests, even things that the GOP said they support, is followed by a parade of GOP figures walking to the mic and proclaiming how disastrous the result or plan is. Even Gadhafi being taken out was decried as a failure by some Republicans.”

“Herman Cain’s asiNine-asiNine-asiNine, tax plan that would bring hardships on the poor and middle class is just plain asinine. Or as many Americans of German roots, when asked about Cain’s plan, answer: Nein! Nein! Nein!”

“To the venter who wants to work in a place where the morale isn’t in the crapper--take a look in the mirror. The person you see is likely the cause of the morale problem where you work.”

“Immigration reform to most politicians means amnesty. When politicians like John McCain say we are all God’s children, well that may be, but God put all his children where he wants them and gave them different languages.”

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