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The Vent: Oct. 22

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Posted: Saturday, October 22, 2011 4:30 am

“Susan Sarandon recently called the Pope a Nazi. It would mean something if she had even half a brain.”

“I totally agree with Judy’s vent in the East Valley Tribune on Friday Oct 14th in regards to all the TV ads about how great it is that they are Mormon. I live in Mesa and I’m tired of the folks from that religion forcing their religious thoughts to me weather I like it or not. I don’t like it. I wondered for years why is it they are so privileged to have their own religious teaching place by every school in Mesa? Why don’t the rest of the religions get that same opportunity? I feel discriminated against by not having that same opportunity after before or during public school  hours for my Christian child. My name is Dolores and I’m not a Mormon.”

“Solyndra, Fast & Furious, No proof of citizenship, Refusal to enforce immigration laws. Buying votes in Congress to force Obamacare. War with Libya without Congressional approval. Downgrading of the country’s credit rating. Why hasn’t Obama been impeached and tried for treason yet?”

“The government has wasted billions of dollars on green jobs and has no money for Social Security check raises. Time to vote the bums out.”

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