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The Vent: Jan. 16

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Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:26 am

“Why it is always a cold snap or a heat wave, but never a cold wave or a heat snap? Just askin’.”

“So the Diving Lady neon sign still needs about $10,000 to go back up. If 10,000 Mesa residents would donate just one dollar, it could be back up by swimming season. I finally did my part today and gave $10. So that leaves only 9,990 one dollar gifts to go! Just go to MesaPreservation- You can use PayPal or a credit/debit card, and it’s quick and easy. Best of all your donation is tax deductible. If you want to donate the old fashioned way send a dollar to Mesa Preservation Foundation: P.O. Box 539; Mesa, AZ; 85211.”

“I’m sure the framers of our constitution and second amendment never intended it to be an excuse to allow the slaughter of children, and become victims of their wisdom. They themselves would say the constitution is not written in stone, unlike the headstones of small chidren. ‘We don’t have the votes’ is the most feeble excuse a public servant could utter, and a poor epitaph for 20 dead children.”

“I don’t understand why women who are ‘celebrities’ feel like they have to expose so much of their bodies for all to see. They look much better when they are more covered up.”

“I suggest the Republicans give the President all he wants so ‘he can fail.’ Then in 2016, Hillary will run on Obama’s failed Economy (or will she)? Regardless, Hillary will blow away any Republican she faces, then after another Liberal failure, maybe the ‘publicans’ will have Rubio ready in 2020 after he establishes a record in the Senate to carry the ‘Elephant’s’ banner to Victory.”

“If Obama takes away their assault weapons how will the NRA members hunt down the white dove of peace..?”

“Sal Gomez got a lot more than one thing wrong. Insurance companies do not benefit from someone getting sick. They make money by charging everyone enough in premiums to pay the bills of those who get sick plus have money left over to run their business, make payroll etc. Insurance companies DO NOT create those outrageous medical charges! That would be the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply manufactures and distributors etc. etc. who always try to charge more than what the insurance company says they are allowed!”

“Global warming is alive and growing. Remember, there are two hemispheres. one has winter while the other summer. Where it is summer, the higher temps cause condensation of the ocean waters into the atmosphere where they travel to the hemisphere that has winter, causing stronger storms, snow, and colder temps. They also are responsible for more intense tyhoons and hurricanes such that we have seen in the past several years, especially Katrina and Sandy. Global warming indeed is a problem that has to be taken care of now before it is too late.”

“When life becomes too brutal and barbaric in the mideast the people strap on their AK 47’s and over throw the tyrant. In the United States when life gets too brutal and barbaric the lobbyists for AK 47’s strap on their money belts go to the tyrants in congress and overthrow the people.”

“President Obama is considering using ‘Executive Powers’ to prevent another Sandy Hook tragedy. That is code for unconstitutional martial law — by issuing of executive orders. If he is sincere in wanting to stop citizens from firing their weapons, he should consider the wisdom of this little axiom: Guns Do Not Kill, Trigger Fingers Do, and thereby order that all registered gun owners have their trigger fingers removed. Then decree that murder is illegal so criminals, who still have their fingers, will not even think of violating federal government dictates. Voila? No more violence!”

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